Rhode Island Daycation: 2nd Look Saturday

What I was up to a year ago. Give or take.

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Rhode Island Daycation
Originally posted
July 11, 2009

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Today we headed south on one of our rambling daytrips. Destination the first: Roger Williams Park & Zoo for some animals and a ride on the carousel.

The visit to the Zoo was moderately successful. Felix enjoyed himself, but I think he would have equally enjoyed himself running around the park. He did like the harbor seals and the giraffes. After a short break for a snack, he mostly just ran through the rest of the exhibits. Mark and I were fond of the Red Panda, but we didn’t get very long to stop and observe it.

From Providence, we jumped on Route 4 going south towards Point Judith in Naragansett. Mark remembered a clam shack type place he’d enjoyed when he was younger, so we decided to try to find it. We lucked out, and it was right on the main drag down by the lighthouse. We had a picnic on the lawn, and Felix got to stretch his legs a little after the slow ride down there. We took a little joyride down to the lighthouse, and through the vacation rental neighborhood where his aunt had often rented a place when he and his younger brothers were little.

We took the scenic tour north along the shore through Naragansett and North Kingstown before hopping on Route 4 again. Mark and I both had a craving for ice cream, and Felix never says no to a frozen treat, so we jumped off the highway again in East Providence, to grab some Ben & Jerry’s. Felix stretched his legs again on hipster friendly Thayer Street before we got down to the business of getting home.

8 responses to “Rhode Island Daycation: 2nd Look Saturday

  1. Since I haven’t been reading your blog for long, I enjoy a look at some of your older posts. Your son does look like he’s having a great time!

  2. OMG how adorable!!! Great repost!! LOVE it! 🙂

  3. My husband, from East Providence (well, Riverside) would like to point out that you were on the east side of Providence, not in East Providence, when you ate ice cream. 🙂

    Now I shall cry that I live so far from home…

    • Duly noted. I’ll edit that capital E posthaste.
      I’m sorry you live so far away, but VA is lovely and fun, too.

      • it’s okay, but it’s not HOME. And the ocean is far, far away… (Providence and East Providence are actually different cities…)

  4. wow.
    he looks so little here!

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