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Six Flooded Words

Dana, Enfield, Greenwich, Prescott. Swift River.

Proud Mama

Today I’m telling a story about Betty and Felix at The Kir Corner as part of her Proud Mommy Moments series.

I was also passed the Versatile and Kreativ Blogger Awards over at Do Sweat the Small Stuff. She had some very lovely things to say about me, for which I am very grateful. I’m not very good at passing these along, but I will ask you this:

Today, while you’re out and about in the blogosphere, leave a comment somewhere that simply appreciates the blogger–tell them why you come to read. Pass along the love. Pay it forward. For me.



Corndogs and Aliens

The Alien-Corn Dog FIre Brigade

Two Sweet Little Lies

Felix found a penny on the floor at the Work House.

In the way of small children, it turned into a talisman. He’s got pennies in his bank, has some pennies for his pirate ship treasure, but this penny became special.

And then he lost it.

He and Betty searched for it all over the Work House, but to no avail. It was gone. Every few days, he would remember it and have a sad moment–no other penny would suffice.  And then my last week of work came around; he went off to spend the week with various friends and family, while I spent the week training the new au pair.

Then, on Thursday, Betty found his penny.

“Cam! It’s Felix’s penny!” she cried, brandishing the tarnished coin like a doubloon.

I pocketed it gratefully. That afternoon, Felix came over for his last “playdate” with Betty. They were going to watch Betty’s favorite movie, which they were not normally allowed to do. I gave him his penny, giving Betty the credit for the rediscovery.

“Mama! My penny!” So easily pleased.

By the time we got home that evening, it was gone again.

Tears welled up in his tired eyes. His nose and ears turned pink and his lips trembled.

I told him the first of the two lies. “I’m sure it just fell out in the car. I’ll find it for you, baby.” I am reasonably sure that his actual penny is still in the folds of the big sectional at the Work House.

This morning, while switching the laundry, a stray penny tumbled out of the dryer, hitting the tile floor in the laundry room with a metallic clatter and jingle.

“What’s that, Mama?” Felix called from the kitchen.

“It’s your penny, baby,” the second lie poured out like maternal honey. “I found it over the weekend. Looks like it ran through the laundry in my pants’ pocket.”

“My penny!” he laughed, taking the coin and running off for his treasure box.

Six Word Weekend

Playground, pony party, apples, hayrides, Phoebe.

Six Word Adventure

Rocky Point walk. Carousel. Fellini’s pizza.

What Happened at School

Felix started school today. Two mornings a week, about 5 hours total, 7 if you count the hour he spends in “Morning Care” before going to his regular classroom.

He had breakfast in Morning Care with a cute little blonde named Lucy. (ack! they start so young!) She told me before I left that the teachers would show them what was open for play.

He tells me he used the walking-rope, read a book about school buses, had a little fight with his teacher because he wasn’t listening, learned that he needs to listen in the future, and ate some of his pretzels and all of his drinking yogurt.

He tells me there’s a kid-sized urinal in the boy’s room and that there’s a boy named Tonmay in his class. (I know the latter to be true.)

The see-saw in the school playground is the same as the one at a nearby playground. He learned about not running to your grownup at the end of the day.

It may not seem like much, but I’m pretty stinking proud of him.

Six Word Story: At the Fair

Holding chicks. Racing pigs. Midway rides.

Six Word Sunday: Birth

Water broke 4am. 8:40pm: Hello, you.

Pursey Rests Up

As I write up this post, Pursey Galore is living it up in San Diego with her Evil Twin, OctoPursey. But before a wild weekend of carousing with the cream of the blogging world, Pursey needed to recharge a little.

So, she came to see me.

Pursey and I test drive my Uncle's sweet ride. She helped me pick it up from the long term lot for him while he's traveling.

Pursey and I grab a Skinny Latté at Target and have a wander through the aisles.

Pursey liked these, but they didn't have them in my size.

She was quite disappointed in my flip-flops...

We grabbed a cold drink at Mickey D's on the way home.

On Sunday, she jumped in the van with Felix and I and a few Sturdy Gal tote bags to visit friends in New Hampshire!

Pursey cuddled up to my van just before she left. I think she appreciated the red.

But the last love Pursey got? From my Small Boy!

If you haven’t already, please consider donating to Pursey’s cause. Stroke is a destroyer of lives and families. Help us support the search for a cure!