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Dining Memorably: 2nd Look Saturday

In November 2008, in an effort to make myself write more, I participated in NaBloPoMo. When I ran out of material, I asked friends for suggestions. Here’s one of the responses. A recent conversation with a new friend reminded me of the number two meal, so I thought, why not share?

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Ten Memorable Meals
originally posted 11/14/08

Veronique suggested some best of/top ten type posts. I immediately thought of meals, because I’m a foodie and a chef and food is my heroin. Just ask my hips. Plus, food is much more fun than blogging about learning and parenting and important stuff.

Some of these are restaurant meals, some are casual meals with friends and family, all make my heart all squishy with good memories. I present them to you sort of in an order, but nothing hard and fast.

  • L’Espalier, Boston, MA, April 2003: before Chef McClelland departed the original location, this was my dream restaurant. White glove service, exquisite cuisine, intimate setting, and Mark took me for my birthday. Perfect!
  • Harris’ Steakhouse, San Francisco, CA, June 2005: on our honeymoon, we found this place by opening a guidebook and putting a finger down. Best steak and atmosphere of the trip!
  • Dinner party with N & Friends, Medford, MA, October 2001: a carpet picnic extraordinaire with many of my best friends all together in my house, and good food made by a great cook (thanks, N!), enjoyed by all.
  • Thanksgiving at Uncle Andy and Aunt Steph’s house, November 1997 (I think it was ’97…): my mother’s younger sister came east with her family for the first time in almost 20 years. I got to meet her, and my five cousins for the first time. It was the first time the whole family was together for a holiday meal, and the first time I realized the size and fullness of my family. They are infinitely precious to me.
  • The campfire on Pine Hill when I may or may not have tried to light the entire campsite on fire, Harvard, MA, Summer 1995 or 96: This one was great. I was a counselor, working with a small group of older girls, and somehow the pre-lit coals for the dutch ovens ended up rolling down a hillside covered in dry pine needles. Still, all and all, I remember we ate pretty well. Plus, there’s the magic of summer camp…
  • That post musical meal at Denny’s, Worcester, MA, 1993 or ’94: The one where Alta first ordered Moons Over My Hammy. Good times.
  • Valentine’s Day, Medford, MA, February 2003: I made Mark a four course dinner starting with home made fettucine and salmon roe, and ending with a chocolate raspberry torte. Tres romantic.
  • That great little restaurant, Rome, Italy, March, 1994: We ate at this little local place, and there was wine and so. much. food. We spoiled ourselves, and it was great!
  • Dinner in Manhattan with L&T, NYC, February, 2005: Osso buco. Oh. My. Heart. My heart was safe, though, because my husband made us walk a hundred blocks south through he Upper East Side before dinner.
  • The I.N.I., Lakeville, MA, Summer, 1998: Spaghetti and terrible sangria with Al, Ali, and Guy. I’m sure the food was awful, but the company was positively intoxicating. Looking back, I was so carefree and lighthearted. We all were. While I wouldn’t trade what I have now, I miss that freedom.

I’m sure there are more in the corners of my mind, but for now, there you have it.

Rhode Island Daycation: 2nd Look Saturday

What I was up to a year ago. Give or take.

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Rhode Island Daycation
Originally posted
July 11, 2009

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Today we headed south on one of our rambling daytrips. Destination the first: Roger Williams Park & Zoo for some animals and a ride on the carousel.

The visit to the Zoo was moderately successful. Felix enjoyed himself, but I think he would have equally enjoyed himself running around the park. He did like the harbor seals and the giraffes. After a short break for a snack, he mostly just ran through the rest of the exhibits. Mark and I were fond of the Red Panda, but we didn’t get very long to stop and observe it.

From Providence, we jumped on Route 4 going south towards Point Judith in Naragansett. Mark remembered a clam shack type place he’d enjoyed when he was younger, so we decided to try to find it. We lucked out, and it was right on the main drag down by the lighthouse. We had a picnic on the lawn, and Felix got to stretch his legs a little after the slow ride down there. We took a little joyride down to the lighthouse, and through the vacation rental neighborhood where his aunt had often rented a place when he and his younger brothers were little.

We took the scenic tour north along the shore through Naragansett and North Kingstown before hopping on Route 4 again. Mark and I both had a craving for ice cream, and Felix never says no to a frozen treat, so we jumped off the highway again in East Providence, to grab some Ben & Jerry’s. Felix stretched his legs again on hipster friendly Thayer Street before we got down to the business of getting home.

Oreos & Trains: 2nd Look Saturday

Yep, my kid loves Highlife bottles. And the homemade oreos were so good I had to post them again.

Oreos & Trains
Originally posted July 5, 2008

Fourth of July is often a forgotten holiday around our house. Mark’s work doesn’t always allow him to fully take the day off, and while we’re buying diapers remodeling (never mind with the cost of traveling anywhere this year), splashy vacations are right out. So, we usually keep it pretty low key, and this year we thought about extending our low key to others we knew. Alas, everyone we know is more exciting that we are, so when we were invited to head down to Rhode Island for swimming, we said yes. And then it was cloudy. And not really pool swimming warm.

So, in the end, we had a little kebab barbeque with Mark’s mother, brother and sister-in-law, and his friend Pete. It was nice, and low key.

For me, the highlight of the day was the successful batch of Oreos I made.
For Felix, the highlights were getting a hold on Daddy’s empty Highlife:
And the new train toy that Memere brought for him:

I Had A Dream Last Night: 2nd Look Saturday

I was looking for this post while working on one for tomorrow. A little more than four years ago, I lost a very dear friend in a very sad way. His death left a hole in my heart. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I feel like he’s with me. It comes on unexpectedly, and often in dreams.

Last Night
Originally published October 24, 2006

Last night I dreamed of Glenn. The best part about it was that it wasn’t a sad or bad dream at all. I was getting into a car, not my own, and Glenn was driving. We were going to visit some friends of ours in NY, and I needed to call them, but my cell phone battery needed recharging. He offered me his phone, and I said to him, “No offense, Glennie, but you don’t really need a cell phone. After all, you’re dead.” He just laughed, and told me to call our friend. We talked idly in the car – I don’t remember all of it, but I woke feeling really happy, like I’d been hugged.

Later, while I was brushing my teeth, I remembered sitting up in bed when my first alarm went off, and saying, “Thanks for coming to see me,” before falling back to sleep.

Perhaps it’s the strain of Celt in my blood that makes me believe in the fire festivals more than a little. After all, we’re about a week from Samhain, when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest…

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Second Look Saturday: The Casbah and My Gramma

Inspired by Big Mama Cass, I’m giving you another peek into the old stuff while I’m off being re-certified in Infant/Child First Aid and CPR. The things I do to secure gainful employment…

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Without further ado…

Memories of the Casbah
Originally published April 30, 2008

I heard the Clash in the car this morning, and thought of my grandmother.

In 1982, when The Clash released Combat Rock, I didn’t know who The Clash was, or what a casbah was, or why we were rockin’ one. I had just turned five, and was finishing my last month at preschool.

What I did know was that I should be shaking what I had when the song came on on MTV. Yes MTV, when it used to play music videos.

The funny thing is that we didn’t have cable of any kind growing up, so there was no MTV at my house. Our neighborhood was in an odd position for utility service. We were separated from the rest of our town by an airport (no telephone poles from town), so our phone service came from the city adjacent, but the cable company wouldn’t do us the same courtesy for many years. The point of all this is that the place where I watched the MTV was my grandmother’s house. She would indulge my youthful need to shake it, and allow me to watch Solid Gold (oh, Dionne Warwick!) and a little bit of MTV, and I worshipped her TV!

I have one distinct memory of dancing in her living room to Rock the Casbah while she looked on, astonished and somewhat confused by my odd need to dance to the “noisy music,” but indulging and loving, nonetheless. I wonder how she’d feel to know that twenty six years later, I still remember her fondly when I hear the Clash on my iPod?