Yesterday, I alluded to an ending, but really? I am all about beginnings.

This is my last post in this space, but you will be able to find all of this, and everything going forward at Cameron D. Garriepy.

Cameron D. Garriepy

It’s time to start fresh. I’ve been blogging behind Mary Poppins for a long time, and I think I’m just not that girl anymore, so forward! Onward!

To make it easy for you, click here for an email subscription to the new site and here for the RSS feed. This post will stay up for a few days, and after that it’s going to redirect, so don’t worry, you won’t lose me.

I know, you were worried.

Can’t wait to see you over there for reals tomorrow!

If you’re trick or treating tonight, I hope you get all the candy you were hoping for. Except for the Snickers, because I want those.


5 responses to “Moving!

  1. Sure, you can have all the Snickers as long as I get all the peanut butter cups.

    Excited for you and this new beginning, lady!

  2. WHAT?!

    I do not like this whole “change” thing.

  3. Excellent, Cam. Be YOU! See you over there.

  4. Can I have all the Twix bars? because i can’t get enough of the hard and crunchy cookies with the gooey goodness of the caramel. Hold the nuts.

    Congrats Cam, and now I have Neil Diamond “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon” playing in my head.

  5. Have so enjoyed the Mary Poppins chapter. Good luck on the new one.

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