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Six Word Adventure

Rocky Point walk. Carousel. Fellini’s pizza.

Hampton Beach


Ten Days, Nine Photos

And, now! Some vacation photos:

On our way into the Magic Kingdom

Felix meets Piglet at the Crystal Palace

Felix and I on the Magic Kingdom train-a self portrait

Felix's new Ears.

The view to Epcot from our balcony.

Felix and Mark in the pool

Family photo with Marlin and Nemo

Felix meets Mater at Hollywood Studios

Topiary Lightning McQueen and Mater

Home Again!

La Famille MoMP has been at Mickey’s Florida home for some ten days, and boy, howdy! are we exhausted.

But vacation? Totally agrees with me! Proper silly family photo post coming soon.

York’s Wild Kingdom: Wordless Wednesday

Les Vacances

Two weeks ago today, we were on the beach in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. It’s my third year vacationing up at Hampton with my in-laws, and this time the three of us stayed a whole week.

Hampton Beach is a quirky place. It’s a faded version of the old boardwalk style beach towns, in the spirit of Coney Island and Old Orchard Beach in Maine. What remains is an eclectic mix of families playing mini golf, swimming in the Atlantic, and eating fried dough and ice cream, and airbrushed teeshirts, piercing storefronts, and loud cruising on the Ocean Boulevard strip.

I love it. I do. I love the effervescent sound of the water hazards in the mini golf course adjacent to my in-laws’ rental. I love the sound of the tide coming in and out across the street. (Yes, the beach was literally across the boulevard from our front porch.) I love the Wednesday night fireworks, and the old-fashioned beach motels, especially the Sea Ranch, whose painted iron railings, and cottage-style motel court squeeze my heart.

Felix isn’t so much of an ocean man, but he loves the sand. Especially playing in large holes in the sand. This is what he did every day we spent at the beach.

He loved Blink’s Fry Doe. And mini-golf. And Memere and Poppa. And kite flying. He also loved hanging out and watching the motorcycles and cars cruise the boulevard.

He loved the playground.

Despite all this fun, I think Felix was ready to head home after about five days. His effervescence faded, his irritability increased, and his manners went right out the window. The final evening, I did the maternal walk of shame, weeping toddler on my hip, out of the restaurant where we’d been having dinner and back the two blocks to our rental. When we put him to bed that night, I said, “We’re going home in the morning.”

When he woke up, his first words were “Are we going home now?”

And while I love a week’s vacation as much as anyone? I was pretty glad to hit the road, too.

header 150x150

In The Hole!

Felix discovered mini-golf while we were at Hampton Beach last week. He understands the basic idea, but the finer points are lost on him.

The course, though? He’s all over that!

Rhode Island Daycation: 2nd Look Saturday

What I was up to a year ago. Give or take.

2nd Look Saturday Button

Rhode Island Daycation
Originally posted
July 11, 2009

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Today we headed south on one of our rambling daytrips. Destination the first: Roger Williams Park & Zoo for some animals and a ride on the carousel.

The visit to the Zoo was moderately successful. Felix enjoyed himself, but I think he would have equally enjoyed himself running around the park. He did like the harbor seals and the giraffes. After a short break for a snack, he mostly just ran through the rest of the exhibits. Mark and I were fond of the Red Panda, but we didn’t get very long to stop and observe it.

From Providence, we jumped on Route 4 going south towards Point Judith in Naragansett. Mark remembered a clam shack type place he’d enjoyed when he was younger, so we decided to try to find it. We lucked out, and it was right on the main drag down by the lighthouse. We had a picnic on the lawn, and Felix got to stretch his legs a little after the slow ride down there. We took a little joyride down to the lighthouse, and through the vacation rental neighborhood where his aunt had often rented a place when he and his younger brothers were little.

We took the scenic tour north along the shore through Naragansett and North Kingstown before hopping on Route 4 again. Mark and I both had a craving for ice cream, and Felix never says no to a frozen treat, so we jumped off the highway again in East Providence, to grab some Ben & Jerry’s. Felix stretched his legs again on hipster friendly Thayer Street before we got down to the business of getting home.

The Car Chasing Moose of Granville Gulch

In the fall of 1995 I was a freshman at Middlebury, and my aunt and uncle lived about an hour away in scenic Waitsfield, VT. They were very good to me when I was in college; feeding me occasionally, coming over the Gap to see my performances whenever they could, generally being supportive and cool at every opportunity.

The first time I drove over the Gap to visit them, they fed me a lovely dinner, and we visited for a while before I had to drive back to campus. It was dark when I headed south on Route 100, moonlit clouds floating across a starlit sky, a low mist hovering in the deep vee of the valley. It was the kind of night you read about in books.

Just south of town the mountains rise up on both sides of the road, the Green Mountain National Forest looms inky and silent, and the pavement winds like a ribbon through Granville Gulch. On the night in question, I was cruising along at about 45 mph when I heard a cloppity-cloppity-cloppity sound coming up from behind me. I swung my head around, my heart racing, and looked out of my driver’s side window into the misty darkness.

Into the heaving bosom of a galloping bull moose.

He cloppity-clopped alongside my Subaru for no more than three heartbeats–heartbeats which thudded in my ears while I prayed I could keep my car out of his path–before veering back off to the left, and disappearing into the mist.

It was a long time before I let go my white-knuckle grip on the wheel. My ancient, rusty Subaru would have been no match for him, had we collided. I wouldn’t be here today to blog about it.

The next night, I phoned home to tell my Dad about my moose. He’s a native, if displaced, Vermonter, and has, for many years, traveled a sales route up and down that very route. He said, “Oh, I’ve heard about him. Likes to chase cars.”

Likes. To. Chase. Cars.

I drove that road with reverent caution over the next four years.

A few years ago, I asked my Dad, who still travels that sales route, if there had been any recent sightings of my moose. He said no one’s seen him in a few seasons. I like to think he met a nice cow, had a few calves and retired to a meadow somewhere in the National Forest. But if you’re driving through Granville Gulch on a dark misty night, keep your ears open for the cloppity-clop.

Four Years Ago

Since I’m off actually being employed today–yikes!– I’m bringing back an old post. Enjoy!
The original post can be found at

Let Them Eat
June 18, 2006


My friend Alex and his fiancee, Kara, were married yesterday in gorgeous Waitsfield, VT. It was like a storybook – late afternoon ceremony by the pond, frogs gulping from the water, local, artisan food, a historic round barn on a mountain farm… ::sigh::

And a wedding cake by CDG’s Cakes! (the specimen above was a creative choice by the married couple: my Perisan Genoise sponge cake with chocolate creme patissiere and fresh strawberry filling and Italian mousseline buttercream. Special thanks to the folks at The Blue Toad for coming through with a last minute flower order!)

Mark and I stayed up the road “a fer piece” at the The Wilder Farm Inn which was cozy and charming, and had the largest pancakes I’ve ever seen (Bickford’s Big Apple excepted).