One Could Do Worse

I have an old copy of A Swinger of Birches: Poems of Robert Frost for Young People.

Before Felix was born, I filled the bookshelf my father built for me when I was a child with all of my childhood books. Lovingly arranged with the Sandra Boynton board books I got at my baby shower and Guess How Much I Love You are my copies of The Dark Is Rising and A Wrinkle in Time. Miss Rumphius, Bread and Jam for Frances. A Swinger of Birches.

So, every now and again, from between his many favorite stories, he pulls out a memory, pages slightly yellowed and musty with age.

Two nights ago he pulled out the Frost. I read him Birches, The Oven Bird, and Canis Major, before moving on to his current favorite, Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton.

Last night he pulled it out again,we read The Road Not Taken and The Drumlin Woodchuck. Then it was on to Dumpy the Dump Truck (a very sweet story by the incomparable Julie Andrews).

Tonight for a third time he pulled it out. I opened it to Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. He said, “No, Mama. I want the Birches one.”

No, Mama. I want the Birches one.

One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.


18 responses to “One Could Do Worse

  1. *sigh* that just made me smile a whole lot.

  2. Wonderful exposure…imagine what this is doing to his taste as he grows and expands. I am so grateful for the diverse bits of literature that my mother shared with me.

  3. a favorite book of mine as well, thanks to my father. no shock that i liked Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening the best given the street i grew up on.

  4. My girl?

    Edgar Allen Poe.


    It’s Stephen King.

  5. wow, I read my little girls Katy and the Big Snow a couple of months ago. They liked it a lot. Nice blog post.

  6. We are a huge Shel Silverstein family.
    Don’t Bump the Glump and Runny Babbit.

  7. it’s Robert Frost’s birthday!
    yeah, you are doing something right over there.

  8. The Sandra Boynton books are my toddler’s favorite right now.

    Good for you for spending time reading to Felix, it seems to be paying off.

  9. Sigh – I only hope that one of my kids has the same passion and love of reading that I do.

    This totally made my day 🙂

  10. “The Road Not Taken” is one of my very very favorites.

    Along with Emily Dickenson’s “Exultation is the Going.”

    Happy sighs.

  11. I have a couple of those Frost poems memorized from my childhood and still love him/them today.
    While Mad’s taste leans toward Boynton there is still time to shape her ever growing mind.

    And now I must find a copy of A Swinger of Birches…for my own!

  12. This…was…fabulous.

    Woman, your posts are worth diamonds.

  13. I adore Frost.
    And yes, one could certainly do worse than be a swinger of birches.

  14. Ooh, love this. English major.

    If I read Crurious George feeds the animals one more time, I may scream. Frost it is.

  15. Came back here looking for something new (I know. you’re working on a thing. but I was hoping) and scrolled down to find this. Missed it before. So so (so) gorgeous.

    Oh, my.

    Love it.
    (and Julie Andrews. She is lovely and her books Mandy and Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles were two of my favorites in elementary school.)

    You are doing so much right by your son. So much.

  16. Ahhhh. That. Is. Awesome. 🙂

    Here from RDC.

  17. Sigh. These moments. Precious.

    But we needn’t be surprised what with apples falling not so far from trees and all…..

  18. How wonderful. So sweet.

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