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Isn’t “Dearth” A Great Word?

I know there’s been a dearth of writing going on here…

I’m writing. Just not here.

And I’m reading. Reading about writing, reading the next great novel that hasn’t been published. Reading blogs. Reading for… pleasure!

Tomorrow, there will be a little celebration/giveaway for my birthday, and then, time to buckle down and blog again.

One Could Do Worse

I have an old copy of A Swinger of Birches: Poems of Robert Frost for Young People.

Before Felix was born, I filled the bookshelf my father built for me when I was a child with all of my childhood books. Lovingly arranged with the Sandra Boynton board books I got at my baby shower and Guess How Much I Love You are my copies of The Dark Is Rising and A Wrinkle in Time. Miss Rumphius, Bread and Jam for Frances. A Swinger of Birches.

So, every now and again, from between his many favorite stories, he pulls out a memory, pages slightly yellowed and musty with age.

Two nights ago he pulled out the Frost. I read him Birches, The Oven Bird, and Canis Major, before moving on to his current favorite, Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton.

Last night he pulled it out again,we read The Road Not Taken and The Drumlin Woodchuck. Then it was on to Dumpy the Dump Truck (a very sweet story by the incomparable Julie Andrews).

Tonight for a third time he pulled it out. I opened it to Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. He said, “No, Mama. I want the Birches one.”

No, Mama. I want the Birches one.

One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.

Career of the Day: Book Reviewer-er

In all seriousness, friends and readers, my pal Katie, who, in addition to mothering, teaching, and bonding with me over how hilarious Andy Samberg is, is one of the writerly trinity at The Red Dress Club. Busy, right? Now, I’ll tell you about her eleventy-seven three websites. So, there’s the blog about parenting and marriage and life and love, Sluiter Nation, the blog for her creative non-fiction (and occasional fiction), Exploded Moments, and her book review site, Katie’s Bookcase.

Katie recently opened up her forum for guest reviewers, and I maybe jumped on it with a review idea I’d been tossing around. Katie’s running that review right now. It’s my favorite book in the history of ever. The Eight, by Katherine Neville.

So, go read Katie’s gajillion blogs, go follow her on twitter: @ksluiter, and enjoy my first ever book review!

But Doth Suffer A Sea Change

A year ago, I asked the question, “Can Anyone Think of a Clever Name for Oatmeal Milk Chocolate Cherry Hazelnut Blondies?

A year ago I was a human in crisis. I was five months into unemployment, despairing of finding a job, bored, too heavy, more than a little depressed, and very nearly done with this blog.

Then came spring, seasonally and astrologically, and there was a sea-change of sorts, and I began to become, as Shakespeare said, something rich and strange. I started writing again, started reaching out into the void, searching out new voices, and the world reached back.

A year later, I am employed, and while admittedly, my job makes me crazy, it does keep us out of the poor house. I have shed some of the heaviness, and am continuing to do so. I feel far less isolated because of the wonderful community that I’ve gathered around me via my writing and reading, and yes, tweeting.

And the blog? Thriving. A lot has changed. More fiction, less fluff. More deliberate topics and prompt/meme choices. I think, too, and tell me if I’m wrong, that my voice has changed–for the good, I hope.

I never did get an answer to last year’s question, though…

Mama's Losin' It3.) What were you blogging about last year at this time? What has changed?

Apparently I Am Award Worthy

Roxane says so. It is true.

She kindly bestowed upon me the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award! I’m all flustered and blushing because, you see, it’s my first award. My humble wee blog, describing the triumphs and my altogether too common foibles as a nanny, mama, wife, and human female, now boasts its very first award! So. Without further ado, I will fulfill the requirements of accepting this lovely award.

Les rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

Roxane, you are hilarious. Your children are gorgeous. I didn’t know much I missed you until I found you. That we were clearly separated at birth, despite our difference in age, will be a great tale to tell at family reunions! Thank you thank you thank you! You are a Sugar Doll!

2. Share ten things about yourself.

  • When I read a good book, everything else falls away. I literally live in the story. Sometimes Mark has to yell to get me to even hear him.
  • While I’m not a team player, athletically speaking, I’m very competitive. I like to outdo myself. It’s my best motivator.
  • I finally figured out how to do my hair. At the tender age of 33.
  • I am a bag whore. I love bags. Love them. Want them. Constantly remind myself not to buy more of them.
  • If I had unlimited funds, I would buy a huge farm in Addison County, VT, and live in it when I wasn’t traveling the globe. Top of my current list? Budapest, the Scottish highlands, Morocco, Barcelona, Venice (again), Paris, Tokyo, Sydney…
  • I kind of regret getting our second dog when we did. If I’d known I was pregnant when I made the arrangements to take the puppy, I might not have done it. She did not get my full attention when she was a puppy and needed it most.
  • I sometimes let the dishes go for days. It’s major housekeeping failing of mine.
  • My left ankle swelled up while I was pregnant, and it never got all the way back to how it was before. I’m very self-conscious about it.
  • I don’t like pie. Judge me all you like.
  • I have a real weakness for British television. The fictional stuff, not the reality shows, except for Graham Norton. He’s a mischievous little elf, and I love him!

That was harder than I thought it would be.

3. Pass the award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!

Recent being defined as the last couple of weeks? Or do I have a larger window than that? Anyway, in no particular order:

4. Contact the bloggers and let them know you’ve picked them for the award.

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