Oreos & Trains: 2nd Look Saturday

Yep, my kid loves Highlife bottles. And the homemade oreos were so good I had to post them again.

Oreos & Trains
Originally posted July 5, 2008

Fourth of July is often a forgotten holiday around our house. Mark’s work doesn’t always allow him to fully take the day off, and while we’re buying diapers remodeling (never mind with the cost of traveling anywhere this year), splashy vacations are right out. So, we usually keep it pretty low key, and this year we thought about extending our low key to others we knew. Alas, everyone we know is more exciting that we are, so when we were invited to head down to Rhode Island for swimming, we said yes. And then it was cloudy. And not really pool swimming warm.

So, in the end, we had a little kebab barbeque with Mark’s mother, brother and sister-in-law, and his friend Pete. It was nice, and low key.

For me, the highlight of the day was the successful batch of Oreos I made.
For Felix, the highlights were getting a hold on Daddy’s empty Highlife:
And the new train toy that Memere brought for him:

5 responses to “Oreos & Trains: 2nd Look Saturday

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  2. Mmm! Those look SO good! I’m so in the mood for chocolate right now.

  3. Okay, when you come bring me my cake you can bring some of those with you too. OMG. I can already hear myself getting fatter.

  4. I dont know.
    They dont REALLY look like Oreos. They look kind of like Whoopie Pies. the crunch is an essential part of Oreos, no? were they crunchy?
    I went to Honeypot Orchard yesterday and they had Oreo fudge.
    All I can say is real chunks of Oreo inside fudge is a BRILLIANT idea.

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