You and Me

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Headline: You and Me

Pink Floyd asked the question, “Is there anybody out there?” Of course they also coined the phrase, “How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?” So it’s not all deep thoughts over there.

I like Pink Floyd. If you assume that defines me? Scram. No, really. Scram.

If you were stranded on a desert island, you’d bring a cast iron pan, a Radio Flyer wagon, a jaw harp, two bandannas, and a Ginsu knife.

I respect the Oxford comma. If you touch the arch of my foot just so? I will moan like a porn star. Rodents are not pets. I want to look like Lauren Graham, but the truth is I’m more Janeane Garofalo in The Truth About Cats and Dogs. I hated that movie.

You are taller than me, which isn’t hard to accomplish, and please? If you suffer from a Napoleon complex, it’d better be Dynamite, not Bonaparte, because I have no time for that bullshit. Five-foot-six or better, gentlemen. You have been warned.

I read somewhere that an interest in politics is only more interesting to a potential date than a book club membership or business networking strategies. I’m not like the other girls. Let’s talk immigration reform and debt ceiling, sugar.

I am a fan of Tom Stoppard and e.e. cummings. I think Dickinson is overrated and T.S. Eliot was a genius. I play the cello. Badly. I think modern art sucks.

I’m not interested in your money. To quote the straightforward if not eloquent Beyoncé Knowles, “I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings.” On the other hand, if you bring me daisies, I’ll probably cry. Don’t do that on the first date–I’ll be wearing mascara.

Let’s have fun this week. We want you to write a personal ad for your character, like one you would find on a dating site. The ad should tell us about your character, but should not be a laundry list – and no cliches about walks on the beach.


29 responses to “You and Me

  1. There is so very much to love here. I don’t know even know where to start. It’s fabulous.

  2. So much better than mine. Love it

  3. I love this! I know you intimately…

  4. Yup. Vintage unfiltered awesome.

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  6. So much better than mine too!! Love it!

  7. Very impressive. I’ve drawn a complete blank here!

  8. I liked all the references, to writers, to music, to historical figures done in a way that is readable and not beyond the “everyman” to read. It’s not often that an ad can entertain, intrique and intimidate all at the same time, you have quite a gift. 😉

  9. I want to date her and I’m not even into the ladies. Great character (or you?) develeopment

  10. Dude. On our first date can we just quote “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock” to each other?

    p.s. I’m 5’6″ by the way.

    • I’m giggling, because I’m actually 5’7″. There is, admittedly, a lot of me in this, but she’s not me. Not exactly. On our first date, though, we can definitely quote Prufrock.

      There will be time, there will be time To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet; There will be time to murder and create, And time for all the works and days of hands That lift and drop a question on your plate; 30 Time for you and time for me, And time yet for a hundred indecisions, And for a hundred visions and revisions, Before the taking of a toast and tea.

  11. This is beyond amazing. Also? I actually do like long walks on the beach. I’m so oppressed.

  12. the writ and the wrote

    Very cute.

  13. Where’s the “big pink puffy <3" button? Because I love this.

    I want to know what the bandannas would be used for – and I read that as "bananas" a bunch of times.

    But now I'm thinking about footrubs…

  14. I love ee cummings too! napolean dynamite, yeah! You rock girl.

  15. Ooh, my character could date your character, I think. However, she sounds like she would end up with the upper hand. Which isn’t always a bad thing 🙂

    I like the pop culture references. Sometimes I think those little things connect people even more that “big” issues. At the end of the day, who doesn’t just want a foot rub and a repeat viewing of Napolean Dynamite?

  16. I love this! SO sassy! I didn’t do this assignment because I have an issue with getting out of the “laundry list” rut. You, on the other hand, did wonderfully!

  17. I am so in love with this whole thing. I would seek out this person.

  18. Funny! I had a couple of shorter-than-me dates in my life. They were the dynamite kind, luckily.

  19. I like the height requirement! I’m tall.. but not overly tall but it seems that I’ve always went out with guys my height or just slightly shorter which makes wearing heels a challenge!

  20. Immigration reform is one of my biggest turn-ons. I’m in!

    Fantastic post!

  21. What I love best is how real this is. Someone would actually write this. Great job!

  22. I love this. It is awesome, and well written.

  23. I’m 5’9″ baby.

    But I hate politics. You can talk about it all you want though, I’ll pretend to listen while staring at your rack.

    You DO have a nice rack right??

  24. Wow. I’ve always wanted to be this witty, but could never be 🙂

    Definitely an ad that I won’t easily forget if I ever come across one. So much of this character is described in the “between the lines,” but the first impression I got was, “Whoa, this is a damn smart lass!”

  25. I love you. Is that weird to say? Because reading this gives me hope in the world.

    Dude, that comment prob falls into the freaky category.

  26. To me this format is a first and i did enjoy it very much. Also as some others have pointed out it´s a great way to expose yourself to others… Bravo…

  27. See I thought this might have been a little you at first too… oh the man or woman who would answer this ad would have to be pretty interesting!

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