Big Boy Bed

Last Friday we made the transition from crib to bed, and I was, to say the least, apprehensive. I underestimated my little munchkin, not to mention my own parenting skills. I know how to transition. I’ve been there before, and the the tee shirt is old, stained, and holey.

He took to it beautifully, even “helped” the delivery guys set it up (and by “helped,” I mean he played with his GeoTraks on the floor nearby, and chatted with Jackson, the truck driver, and his assistant). He’s slept in it happily for a week, and has been on the phone to both Memere and Gramma to tell them the news. He even brought our friends upstairs to see it when they were over for dinner this past weekend.

From a design perspective, it’s a little big for the room, and should be oriented with the headboard against the wall, but until I’m sure he won’t hurl himself out, one side stays against the wall. I only want to buy one bed rail.

Things I love? The robot sheets I found at Home Goods, and the cars & trucks duvet from IKEA. The quilt and bed skirt came from Circo by Target. The bed came from Bob’s Discount Furniture. Nothing fancy, no Pottery Barn, no Land of Nod, no pricey theme. Oh, and storage drawers? In a room with a teeny closet, those are a godsend!

So, here it is. The Big Boy Bed:

I love his 80’s stylin one leg up on the jammies. Also, it took him less than two minutes to start using it for trains. Kid is seriously a vehicular junkie.!

3 responses to “Big Boy Bed

  1. Such a lovely big boy bed!!! The blue circle carpets look like some we have from Ikea. 🙂 It looks like Felix is a secure little guy, and growing up quickly! My vehicular junkie is now 37. 🙂

  2. perfect! yippee! LOVE that drawer. we need that.
    gotta check out Bob’s. where is IKEA near you?
    i always go to New Haven.

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