Another Complete Room: Downstairs Bath/Laundry

This room has been 95% done for quite a while now, just awaiting a few last punch list items, and a chunk of time for Mark to make up the cabinet door fronts. Older posts pertaining to the bathroom can be found here, here, and here. Just to bring everyone up to speed:

This is the space when we first saw the house. That closet over there on the right had vinyl floors and the washer/dryer hookups. What looks like a white wall on the left is actually a 2′ square pillar around the chimney that sat awkwardly in the crook of this L-shaped room. We will not discuss the awful emerald green carpet.

Here is approximately the same shot today. We’ve taken down and put up some walls to reconfigure the space. Now the bathroom occupies the closet and adjacent area, and a wall divides everything to the left into a small office/library (whose door you see here), and the wall facing the camera encloses the office and makes a front parlor/entryway of sorts.

And now, a short video tour of the new bathroom:

It’s very exciting, after living with a house in transition for so long, to finally have so much of the space not only livable, but the way we dreamed of it when we bought this sad, neglected house.

One response to “Another Complete Room: Downstairs Bath/Laundry

  1. so! pretty! kind of like its owner.

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