Someone’s Got Anger Issues…

So, if you go here, you’ll find the unedited version of this comment along with the original, but I wanted to draw attention to this, ’cause I find it funny.

Apparently, I have a drive-by blog-stalker, and he feels I’m self-indulgent…
“WHAT THE F***! “We’re Very Very Busy and We Have A Lot to Do and We Haven’t Got A Minute to Explain It All to You” But you have 10 minutes to f***ing write this post? You self indulgent F***! And why were you so busy? ‘Cause you went to Concord to eat cake? You went to BJs to buy food? WHAT THE F***! And then at 9 you went out for ice cream. Yah! Very very busy indeed. F*** OFF!”

This poster’s name is Briz. If anyone knows him/her, s/he needs some valium and a stiff drink. Seriously, dude. Chill out. The word “fuck” loses it’s power when you overuse it. Blogs are, almost by definition, self-indulgent, and I never asked anyone to come read it. Had our little friend, Briz, taken the time to develop a sense of what he was reading, he might have noticed that he’s reading the online diary of a nanny, for chrissake. We here at MOMP are not looking to save the world, just one family 🙂

Also, of note, the title of the post is the title of a children’s song that gently pokes fun at the busy life of people who work in offices. It’s written by Sandra Boynton, whose cartoon animals are great, and her childrens’ book are legendary. It’s sung by Kevin Kline in a fake British accent, too. So, it was a joke on my part.

Someone’s got anger issues…


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