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The Wedding Table

Corndogs and Aliens

The Alien-Corn Dog FIre Brigade

What’s Left Behind


Re-embracing Accountability

Hampton Beach

I’ll Be Along to Collect my Mother-of-the-Year Medal Shortly

Rocking the Monogrammed Apron

Lightning McQueen pancake in the pan

Mater Pancake post-flip

My Brother-In-Law Flew 30 Pounds of Crawfish Up Last Saturday

Happiness Is…


Happiness is a ball pit.



Some Thoughts on This Winter’s Snowfall

Ridiculous amounts of snow fall: Small Boy declares Snow "Best Thing Ever!"


Legos replace Snow as "Best Thing Ever," as white stuff continues to fall: "Snow again?"

Fat Little Bird says, "Who cares about snow? Keep the sunflower seeds coming, lady!"



We Gave Him A Camera For Christmas

Like they're watchin' the movie at the end of my Cars DVD!

Sally's Wheel

Lightning and King