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I Been Locked Out

It happens to everyone, right?

You go to your Weight Watchers meeting, have a successful go on the scale, collect your stars, and head out for the grocery store. En route, you call your husband so he can be proud of you. (You need immediate third-party validation of your accomplishments, of course, and your toddler isn’t providing sufficient appreciation for your 1.6 pound weight loss.) He is duly proud. You hang up. You park the car at Stop & Shop, check your list, grab your bag, get out of the car, open the back door, drop your bag on the bench seat, haul out the toddler, unknowingly bump the lock button on your remote, hug your toddler, assume you’ve grabbed your bag, and that it is, indeed, on your shoulder, bump the car door closed with your hip, and nearly vomit in panic at the cheeky beep! of your car arming itself against invaders.

I happens to everyone, right?

It sure happened to me yesterday.

There I was, standing in the parking lot, with Felix (thankfully!) on my hip, looking into my locked car, which contained my keys, wallet, cell phone, and AAA card.  What struck me as funny was that my second impulse, after nearly vomiting, was to try the door handle. It’s locked! Armed! Why would I try the handle? And yet, I did.

Okay, I think. We’re at a grocery store. They have telephones. Yes. I am a competent woman. I can fix this.

I took Felix inside, and asked customer service if we could call AAA from their phone. They obliged. It took remarkably little finagling, given that my membership number was locked in my car, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t the first time this has happened to someone. In a jiffy the roadside assistance truck came cruising into the parking lot. He had that car open in a snap. He also had a cute smile.

I digress.

We finished our shopping, and went home. All was well. I am still mildly embarrassed.

Two years ago, I wrote a ranty post about this same Stop & Shop, and I’m pleased to say that this time, everyone was great, and their help was much appreciated! It’s nice to be able to reverse my position once in a while.

Free meat has become a weekend highlight….

Sunday: I caught the local Stop & Shop in a mistake at the register that equaled a free pot roast. It was a $12.53 hunk of beef. With my savings card, it was marked down to $6.45. Nice deal, huh? Well, as I was checking my receipt on the way out of the store… Eeeek. Full price! So, I marched my little self back into the store, and politely showed my roast and my receipt to the beleaguered cashier at customer service. She proceeded to refund me the entire cost of the roast because it was their system error. Cool!

Of course, I do have to face the fact that getting free meat has become a weekend highlight….

Other highlights included catching up on a month’s laundry, cleaning up and seeding the front yard, planting a hydrangea, my Saturday morning trip to the dog park with Maurice, and dinner at the local teppanyaki joint. Oh! and I made three nights worth of dinners yesterday afternoon. Way to make my own life easier 🙂

In home improvement news, Mark spent the rainy days trimming out the doorways and window in the LR, and sanding the filled nailholes in the DR. Painting time is coming! I bought a color sample of the color I like and put up a square on the wall. It’s gonna rock!

On the kid front, turns out O was cutting his first molar last week; thus all the crabbing around… We all feel terrible that we didn’t notice, but molars are way the heck back there, and he’s also cutting a front tooth, so we figured it was that. Bad parents/caregivers! This morning he headed off to his music playgroup with his Nana, and is now back and having a tremendous buffet-style snack (raisins, cheerios, pineapple, watermelon, and leftover foccacia). Cutting teeth is hungry work. He could stand to bulk up a little, so I’m encouraging all this (relatively) healthy snackage.

As for me, I got back to my C25K routine. Details here. I’ve also kept up with the majority of my FLYlady reminders, and the house is starting to look pretty good. Mark’s concerned about impending Housekeeping OCD. He might not be wrong…