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Marshmallows, the Marathon, Maurice, and Mark

I got this from reading Crazy Aunt Purl today – one of her readers posted it. Gross, and yet, somewhat fascinating… Personally, I prefer my Peeps slightly stale, three days out of the package usually does the trick. Mmmmm…

Here in Boston, it’s Marathon Monday, and Patriot’s Day. Surprisingly, enough, Patriot’s Day has nothing to do with Belichick’s Boys of Foxboro, but, in fact, is a celebration of all the Famous White Guys here in MA who helped us toss off the yoke of British tyranny. Or something like that… Basically, it’s a crap holiday, since I still have to work. And there are a million freaking tourists in town, and I hate tourists.

Mark is sick with the bug that the kids had last week. Will I finally succumb? I’m trying not to. There are no guarantees, though. I’ve felt poorly for a few days, but I’m still functional. I kind of wish I could just come down with it and have done. Odd, hmm?

So, our Easter was markedly worse than previous years, due to my ill husband, but we did come away with this gem of a photo… Mark’s aunt gave Maurice this jaunty bowtie and collar ensemble, which he wore without complaint for a few hours. He’s such a fancy pug.

My Aries self has been in a sulk for a week or so. I can’t quite put my finger on any one thing – just a Universal conspiracy of misery, I suspect. I fell prey to horoscopes in Cookie magazine, and discovered my own portrait there amongst the illustrations. I stole this from them, but I’m hoping they won’t sue me, since I’m giving them full credit and I’m certainly not making any money from it. Just made me laugh…

Oh, and …. (drum roll, please!) The. Afghan. Is. Finished. I gave it to Jamie, Dy, and Rylee on Saturday evening, finished, bound off, and loose ends threaded. Brilliant! Now I move on to mittens! My Mom has the pictures, so I’ll post them as soon as she emails them to me!