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If You Give A Monkey A 4 MegaPixel Camera

My small boy, as he approaches his third birthday, has developed an obsession with mobile phones, camera phones especially. Today, to hush him, I let him take a gazillion photos with mine. A rare treat for him, as my cell phone is very, very dear to me.

Amongst the tens of shots of the rug, my feet, the ceiling fan? Two of the best photos of me taken in years.

I’m shy of cameras, so I tend to be the mom firing off snapshots. Here? Not taking him seriously? Not trying to smile for the camera? He got me. If he can do that? Maybe monkeys really can eventually produce Hamlet. In honor of his accidental genius? I’m sharing.

First Week Back on the Job

It has come. It has gone. I am employed. I have returned to the workforce.

I am, once more, a nanny.

All things considered, after a week, I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. Mr. & Mrs. C have been very gracious and welcoming to both Felix and I, and Betty and Felix are on the road to being good friends.

Elmer is just a delicious bowl of baby smell and gummy smiles. He totally has a little old man face, and I am just a teeny bit smitten. Given the smiles and the sleeping on my chest in the Bjorn, I’m sure he’s smitten, too.

We had our hiccups. Two two-year olds, both bright and confident, are going to butt heats; especially when one is a well-socialized pre-school alumna and the other is wild animal stay-at-home only child. Felix has a very hard time sharing. He is fiercely protective of things he views as his. Betty is far more open to compromise. She’s also accustomed to having a third-party authority figure in her life, which made transitioning from teachers to a nanny super easy.

On my end, I’m learning my way around a new family dynamic, creating the database of information crucial to my survival once Mrs. C. goes back to work. Examples? where the extra toilet paper is, what the “getting ready for the day” routine is. Where Betty’s hair elastics are, and how she likes her scrambled eggs. Adapting to practices to which I might not subscribe at home, such as cleaning produce with commercially prepared vegetable wash, and feet washing in the morning. It’s the details and the routines that separate a nanny from a babysitter. Okay, and the hours. And the commitment. And hopefully, once day, the love!

It took three days to get Felix comfortable with his new napping arrangement. He’s been given one of the empty guest rooms in the new house, and I’ve set up a “nest” for him to nap in. Essentially, it’s a crib mattress with sheets and a pillow, tucked into one corner of the room. In theory, to achieve nap success, just add Beek! Not so much until Thursday. I’ve brought in a light blocking curtain and his trusty white noise machine, and now he’s napping nicely. Let me tell you, though, those three napless days SUCKED.

I’ve got all kinds of ideas to keep us busy this summer, and I’ve started looking seriously at cars that can handle three car seats–which I’ll have for more than a few years, with Felix, Betty & Elmer all driving around with me. I’m optimistic about next week.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been optimistic about being back at work.

Because I can, I’m going to end on a non-sequitur. As I type, Felix is watching Cars, and let me tell you, Doc’s solo lap around Willy’s Butte still gives me chills. Every time.