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Potato Salad

This one is for Sarah. And I have Nathan to thank for it. Now he makes beer. Mmmm…. beer.

Mustard-Roasted Potato Salad

Preheat your oven as high as it will go. If you use sheet pans to roast, line them with oiled foil or parchment. I like my nonstick roasting pan. I am also the world’s laziest dishwasher.

Scrub and rough chop 5 pounds of potatoes. I prefer a waxier potato like a yukon gold or white potato. Though, in the spirit of the friends above, a Maine potato will do nicely. Now slice the white parts of a bunch of scallions. Reserve the greens for later.

Add the cut potatoes and scallions to some olive oil–a few good glugs–and about a cup of mustard. I use a blend of spicy brown and dijon, but grainy works, yellow works. This recipe is all about easy. Toss in some salt, cracked black pepper, and a handful of fresh thyme sprigs. Mix it all up, coating the potatoes well. Arrange it on sheet pans or a raosting pan in a single layer–this is for even caramelization, which is key.

Roast this mess for about 45 minutes, turning the potatoes once during cooking. When they’re browned and roasted, and have begun to dry out just a touch, pull them out and cool to room temperature.

Ready? You’re basically done.

When they’re cool, pick out the thyme sprigs, which will probably have shed their leaves into the potatoes during cooking. Mix the potatoes with about 2 cups of plain, fat-free Greek style yogurt. Slice the scallion greens and toss them with the potato mixture.

Let the mixture hang out in the fridge for a while to marry the deliciousness.

Enjoy. It’s so good!