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The Wedding Table


What’s Left Behind




face obscured

I fall to my knees

wanting nothing more than to press
my face to her cool, sepia skin and weep for shame


A friend pointed me in the direction of this photo on Flickr. This Fibonacci (which I expanded to a seventh, thirteen syllable line)–a form I was led to by Grace on her blog–is what happened. Marian also wrote a Fibonacci today. Hers is better.

Do I Get Martha Points for Posting Wedding Photos?

Hey, check me out! I’m babysitting at In Pursuit of Martha Points today!

The smell of spring was hiding under the distinct funk of melting dirty snow this morning, and so I offer you a few photos of a very special late spring day, five and a half years ago.

We are gathered here today...


This is one of my favorite photos from the wedding, even though I'm headless.

Newly Announced!


Mark, his brothers and best friends, late in the festivities.

If You Give A Monkey A 4 MegaPixel Camera

My small boy, as he approaches his third birthday, has developed an obsession with mobile phones, camera phones especially. Today, to hush him, I let him take a gazillion photos with mine. A rare treat for him, as my cell phone is very, very dear to me.

Amongst the tens of shots of the rug, my feet, the ceiling fan? Two of the best photos of me taken in years.

I’m shy of cameras, so I tend to be the mom firing off snapshots. Here? Not taking him seriously? Not trying to smile for the camera? He got me. If he can do that? Maybe monkeys really can eventually produce Hamlet. In honor of his accidental genius? I’m sharing.

Felix Discovers Photo Booth

Wicked dramatic? No?