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Mickey Mouse and the Giraffe

Mickey Mouse and the Giraffe
as told by CDG with Felix & Betty

I should start by saying that I asked them each what they would like to tell a story about. Felix said, “An animal. A giraffe.” Betty thought hard before answering, “Mickey Mouse.” From here on out the kids’ additions will be in their respective colors.

Once upon a time Mickey Mouse went looking for a giraffe. He found one named.. Felix, what is his name?


So Felix the Giraffe and Mickey Mouse decided to get some ice cream. They were on their way to the Ice Cream Parlor when they saw… Betty, what did they see?

An Ice Cream truck.

But the ice cream man said… Felix, what did he say?

“We have NO VANILLA!”

So, Mickey Mouse and Felix the Giraffe kept on walking towards the ice cream parlor. They went around the corner and discovered… What did they see, Betty?

A polar bear!

Which gave out a terrible ROOOOAAAAAAR!!! And Felix the Giraffe ran away. Mickey Mouse asked the polar bear, whose name was… Betty?


“Why did you frighten my friend?” Betty the Polar Bear answered, “I didn’t use my words.” So Mickey Mouse and Betty set off to find Felix the Giraffe. When they got to… where were they, Felix?

The train tracks!

When they got to the train tracks, they saw that Felix the Giraffe…

Was on the other side of the tracks but the train was coming so they had to wait! And then they got him by the tail!

Now that Mickey Mouse and Felix the Giraffe and Betty the Polar Bear were all together, they continued on towards the ice cream shop for a treat.

And they all had vanilla. With sprinkles. And no sauce.

Christmas Eve, 2010

I was tucking Felix for his nap a few hours ago and we were reviewing the afternoon’s coming events, dinner with my husband’s family in Rhode Island, and the coming home to put out cookies and milk for Santa and hang our stockings.

“Mama? Is Santa on his way?” he asks.

“Not yet, Baby. He’s getting ready.”

“Is he checking his list?” he asks.

“I bet, lovey. Do you think there’s a Felix on that list?”

“Yeah,” he says, snuggling into his covers.

You bet there is.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Boys Show Their Love In Odd Ways

I heard Felix through the monitor yesterday, yawning and stretching after his nap, so I walked upstairs and went into his room to find him peeping out from under his covers, grinning sleepily.

I sat down next to him, slid my hands under the blankets to hug him.

“Your bed is so warm. Can I come in?” I asked him.

“Yup,” he replied, still smiling.

I laid my head on his chest. He adjusted its placement.

“You’re too big to fit in here,” he commented, but he wrapped his arms around my head and squeezed.

He let go, and asked, “Can we do nose kisses?”

I touched our noses together, he turned his head, rubbed the tips of our noses just so. He laughed.

“You do it!”

I touched our noses together again, then rubbed the tip of my nose over his.

He touched the underside of his nose with his finger.

“I have crusties on there.”

“You do,” I said. “Yuck.”

“I’m going to pick them.”

“Please don’t!” I begged, laughing. He did it anyway.

“I just picked one, and I’m going to put it on your face!”

And he did it anyway.