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Listening to White Noise

I was just standing outside, supervising the dogs’ morning constitutional in the chilly backyard. I was shivering, but not from the cold. More from being sleepy. I was listening, as I mostly try not to, to the noise pollution that comes as a result of living a quarter mile from an Interstate (even if you can’t see it for the marsh and the trees), a football field’s distance from a major state road, and on one of the only north-south roads to cross-over the aforementioned Interstate. A random, rhythmic cacophony of white noises, punctuated by blares and screeches and thumps that I effectively tune out the majority of the time.

The dogs were done with business, and Maurice especially wanted to potter around (he’s a very busy dog), but I had to call them in. There was laundry to switch, breakfast to be made, myself to be made ready to face the six and a half hours of work I have to endure.

And, as I have since I went back to part time work earlier this summer, I counted the number of days until I return to full time work. And I found I could do it on my two hands. Now, suddenly, long lazy afternoons at home to play with my small boy, to play on the internet, to write, to make dinner for my family, approach extinction at an alarming rate.

And I resent it.

I resent the intrusion of this thing I must do, when there are so many other things I want to do, not the least of which is go back to bed for another hour or so.

I am aware that my experience is not unique. I am aware, acutely so, that I am lucky to have the paycheck I require, given the state of things. I am also aware that there are people who genuinely love the work they do, and for whom this struggle is minimal, or perhaps even non-existent. I used to love this work of mine. And even when it started to go sour, I still didn’t mind getting out of bed in the morning.

I have, I guess, lost my taste for it.

And my bed was a warm, squashy haven this morning until the alarm went off and spoiled everything.

And the noise pollution this particular morning begged me to write about it, but there just wasn’t time to do it properly.

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Free meat has become a weekend highlight….

Sunday: I caught the local Stop & Shop in a mistake at the register that equaled a free pot roast. It was a $12.53 hunk of beef. With my savings card, it was marked down to $6.45. Nice deal, huh? Well, as I was checking my receipt on the way out of the store… Eeeek. Full price! So, I marched my little self back into the store, and politely showed my roast and my receipt to the beleaguered cashier at customer service. She proceeded to refund me the entire cost of the roast because it was their system error. Cool!

Of course, I do have to face the fact that getting free meat has become a weekend highlight….

Other highlights included catching up on a month’s laundry, cleaning up and seeding the front yard, planting a hydrangea, my Saturday morning trip to the dog park with Maurice, and dinner at the local teppanyaki joint. Oh! and I made three nights worth of dinners yesterday afternoon. Way to make my own life easier 🙂

In home improvement news, Mark spent the rainy days trimming out the doorways and window in the LR, and sanding the filled nailholes in the DR. Painting time is coming! I bought a color sample of the color I like and put up a square on the wall. It’s gonna rock!

On the kid front, turns out O was cutting his first molar last week; thus all the crabbing around… We all feel terrible that we didn’t notice, but molars are way the heck back there, and he’s also cutting a front tooth, so we figured it was that. Bad parents/caregivers! This morning he headed off to his music playgroup with his Nana, and is now back and having a tremendous buffet-style snack (raisins, cheerios, pineapple, watermelon, and leftover foccacia). Cutting teeth is hungry work. He could stand to bulk up a little, so I’m encouraging all this (relatively) healthy snackage.

As for me, I got back to my C25K routine. Details here. I’ve also kept up with the majority of my FLYlady reminders, and the house is starting to look pretty good. Mark’s concerned about impending Housekeeping OCD. He might not be wrong…

Marshmallows, the Marathon, Maurice, and Mark

I got this from reading Crazy Aunt Purl today – one of her readers posted it. Gross, and yet, somewhat fascinating… Personally, I prefer my Peeps slightly stale, three days out of the package usually does the trick. Mmmmm…

Here in Boston, it’s Marathon Monday, and Patriot’s Day. Surprisingly, enough, Patriot’s Day has nothing to do with Belichick’s Boys of Foxboro, but, in fact, is a celebration of all the Famous White Guys here in MA who helped us toss off the yoke of British tyranny. Or something like that… Basically, it’s a crap holiday, since I still have to work. And there are a million freaking tourists in town, and I hate tourists.

Mark is sick with the bug that the kids had last week. Will I finally succumb? I’m trying not to. There are no guarantees, though. I’ve felt poorly for a few days, but I’m still functional. I kind of wish I could just come down with it and have done. Odd, hmm?

So, our Easter was markedly worse than previous years, due to my ill husband, but we did come away with this gem of a photo… Mark’s aunt gave Maurice this jaunty bowtie and collar ensemble, which he wore without complaint for a few hours. He’s such a fancy pug.

My Aries self has been in a sulk for a week or so. I can’t quite put my finger on any one thing – just a Universal conspiracy of misery, I suspect. I fell prey to horoscopes in Cookie magazine, and discovered my own portrait there amongst the illustrations. I stole this from them, but I’m hoping they won’t sue me, since I’m giving them full credit and I’m certainly not making any money from it. Just made me laugh…

Oh, and …. (drum roll, please!) The. Afghan. Is. Finished. I gave it to Jamie, Dy, and Rylee on Saturday evening, finished, bound off, and loose ends threaded. Brilliant! Now I move on to mittens! My Mom has the pictures, so I’ll post them as soon as she emails them to me!

We’re Very Very Busy and We Have A Lot to Do and We Haven’t Got A Minute to Explain It All to You

Rarely do I run around like I did this past weekend.

Saturday began with a WW meeting (so-so results), a trip to BJ’s (spent my Guilt Money), then home to my kitchen to create tasting cakes for my friends Al & Kara:

Golden Butter Cake with Chocolate Creme Patissiere and Buttercream with Ganache
Persian Genoise with Vanilla Whipped Cream, Strawberries, and Buttercream
Lemon Genoise with Lemon Curd Cream, Strawberries, and Buttercream
Vanilla Bean Genoise with Vanilla Whipped Cream, Strawberries, and Buttercream

In the end, we scrapped the existing combinations and invented a new one for them. Yum!
I drove up to Concord, NH, for dinner, cake tasting, and catching up with them and our mutual friend, RGS Guy, and the Elusive Colleen’s Double, his girlfriend. I ended up staying over and going for bagels with Al & Kara before heading back to Framingham. Then, I made red sauce, crawfish stock, and cranberry-peach sorbet, before we headed up to Maynard to visit the Morgans with Maurice. We ended up staying for Chinese take-out. At 9, I met my old friend, Om, for ice cream in Westborough before collapsing in an exhausted pile at 11 PM. And all this with one less hour of weekend to work with!

Back at work this morning, the kids have gone back to school, and O and I celebrated by sleeping away the afternoon. ::yawn::
Home tonight to roast a chicken and grill a pork loin. Tasty.