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Two Sweet Little Lies

Felix found a penny on the floor at the Work House.

In the way of small children, it turned into a talisman. He’s got pennies in his bank, has some pennies for his pirate ship treasure, but this penny became special.

And then he lost it.

He and Betty searched for it all over the Work House, but to no avail. It was gone. Every few days, he would remember it and have a sad moment–no other penny would suffice.  And then my last week of work came around; he went off to spend the week with various friends and family, while I spent the week training the new au pair.

Then, on Thursday, Betty found his penny.

“Cam! It’s Felix’s penny!” she cried, brandishing the tarnished coin like a doubloon.

I pocketed it gratefully. That afternoon, Felix came over for his last “playdate” with Betty. They were going to watch Betty’s favorite movie, which they were not normally allowed to do. I gave him his penny, giving Betty the credit for the rediscovery.

“Mama! My penny!” So easily pleased.

By the time we got home that evening, it was gone again.

Tears welled up in his tired eyes. His nose and ears turned pink and his lips trembled.

I told him the first of the two lies. “I’m sure it just fell out in the car. I’ll find it for you, baby.” I am reasonably sure that his actual penny is still in the folds of the big sectional at the Work House.

This morning, while switching the laundry, a stray penny tumbled out of the dryer, hitting the tile floor in the laundry room with a metallic clatter and jingle.

“What’s that, Mama?” Felix called from the kitchen.

“It’s your penny, baby,” the second lie poured out like maternal honey. “I found it over the weekend. Looks like it ran through the laundry in my pants’ pocket.”

“My penny!” he laughed, taking the coin and running off for his treasure box.

Domestic Goddess

If there is, in fact, some divine energy directing our days?

She made days like today for cooking!

I made a big batch of pancakes for breakfast, and froze the few left-overs for convenient reheating when Felix demands to eat in the morning.

I made Marian’s granola. A batch and a half!

I made a beef stew. My beef stew? It’s ahhhh-may-zing. That is all.

I baked Felix’s chocolate chip cake (Smitten Kitchen’s Best Birthday Cake, with Mini Chocolate Chips in the batter), to freeze for next weekend’s big party.

I made biscuits to go with the above-mentioned stew. I served said stew and biscuits to my in-laws, with wine!

I cleaned a bathroom and caught up on so much laundry. I vacuumed. And I wrote. Not just this, either.

Free meat has become a weekend highlight….

Sunday: I caught the local Stop & Shop in a mistake at the register that equaled a free pot roast. It was a $12.53 hunk of beef. With my savings card, it was marked down to $6.45. Nice deal, huh? Well, as I was checking my receipt on the way out of the store… Eeeek. Full price! So, I marched my little self back into the store, and politely showed my roast and my receipt to the beleaguered cashier at customer service. She proceeded to refund me the entire cost of the roast because it was their system error. Cool!

Of course, I do have to face the fact that getting free meat has become a weekend highlight….

Other highlights included catching up on a month’s laundry, cleaning up and seeding the front yard, planting a hydrangea, my Saturday morning trip to the dog park with Maurice, and dinner at the local teppanyaki joint. Oh! and I made three nights worth of dinners yesterday afternoon. Way to make my own life easier 🙂

In home improvement news, Mark spent the rainy days trimming out the doorways and window in the LR, and sanding the filled nailholes in the DR. Painting time is coming! I bought a color sample of the color I like and put up a square on the wall. It’s gonna rock!

On the kid front, turns out O was cutting his first molar last week; thus all the crabbing around… We all feel terrible that we didn’t notice, but molars are way the heck back there, and he’s also cutting a front tooth, so we figured it was that. Bad parents/caregivers! This morning he headed off to his music playgroup with his Nana, and is now back and having a tremendous buffet-style snack (raisins, cheerios, pineapple, watermelon, and leftover foccacia). Cutting teeth is hungry work. He could stand to bulk up a little, so I’m encouraging all this (relatively) healthy snackage.

As for me, I got back to my C25K routine. Details here. I’ve also kept up with the majority of my FLYlady reminders, and the house is starting to look pretty good. Mark’s concerned about impending Housekeeping OCD. He might not be wrong…