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A Persistent Memory

The house at the top of the long green lawn is enormous in my memory.

It is one of those gracious homes which sprang to life, with its wide open porches, turrets and gables, near lakes, in a bygone century. The clapboards are white, the trim a green so dark as to seem black.

From where I stand, near the windy edge of the Lake, the lawn is a vast, up-sloping expanse of manicured grass, the house a straight-spined governess with her hands on hips. She stands alone watching over me.

I don’t remember who else is with me, but neither do I feel particularly alone.

The Lake smells like fresh water in early spring. It’s at my back, but I know the edge is rocky more than sandy, uncomplicated by scrubby vegetation or wild grasses. Like the green lawn, the water is vast. Foam tipped, gray-blue water as far as I could see, were I to turn around.

The sky is clear and pale.

This place, so vivid, has been with me as long as I can remember having memories. It comes to me now and again, when my mind wanders, or when I smell lake water in cool weather. I associate it with the absentminded way my son holds his Beek to his face. It’s a comforting memory, one to savor.

A safe place.

About ten years ago, I asked my mother which of their friends my parents had been visiting when we stayed there. I described the house, the memory of standing with my back to the water, watching the house watching me.

The memory plagues me because I can’t place the owners or the other inhabitants.

My mother had nothing to offer. No friends or family who’d ever lived in such a place, no vacation we took that brought us there. No houses by great Lakes.

And yet, the memory persists. It is an important place. I have been there.

This is response to The Red Dress Club’s memoir exercise in two parts:
Part I
: Make a list of some of your most vivid childhood (or more recent) memories. Pick one and write it down in as much detail as possible.
Part II
: Investigate what this memory means to you.

Found Objects

I earned my Rock Star Mom status today.

At least in the eyes of my three year old.

“Mama, where are my Toy Story race cars?”

That’s right, I told him I would look under the sofa for his missing cars. Days ago.

Our sofa is the bane of my interior decorating existence. It’s a behemoth secondhand sectional. Ten feet by seven feet of so-ugly-ugly-gets-offended brocade that sucks in dog hair like water to a dry sponge. We’re too damn broke to replace it, so it stays. There’s always something more important we have to pay for. The mortgage, health care, groceries, little stuff like that.

Cleaning under it is a little like spelunking.

Armed with my Dyson Animal, a Swiffer Wetjet, anda heart full of fear, I went under.

An hour later I presented Felix with my findings.

One of the Toy Story race cars remains MIA, but look at all the treasures!

I can be done with household chores for today, right?

Free meat has become a weekend highlight….

Sunday: I caught the local Stop & Shop in a mistake at the register that equaled a free pot roast. It was a $12.53 hunk of beef. With my savings card, it was marked down to $6.45. Nice deal, huh? Well, as I was checking my receipt on the way out of the store… Eeeek. Full price! So, I marched my little self back into the store, and politely showed my roast and my receipt to the beleaguered cashier at customer service. She proceeded to refund me the entire cost of the roast because it was their system error. Cool!

Of course, I do have to face the fact that getting free meat has become a weekend highlight….

Other highlights included catching up on a month’s laundry, cleaning up and seeding the front yard, planting a hydrangea, my Saturday morning trip to the dog park with Maurice, and dinner at the local teppanyaki joint. Oh! and I made three nights worth of dinners yesterday afternoon. Way to make my own life easier 🙂

In home improvement news, Mark spent the rainy days trimming out the doorways and window in the LR, and sanding the filled nailholes in the DR. Painting time is coming! I bought a color sample of the color I like and put up a square on the wall. It’s gonna rock!

On the kid front, turns out O was cutting his first molar last week; thus all the crabbing around… We all feel terrible that we didn’t notice, but molars are way the heck back there, and he’s also cutting a front tooth, so we figured it was that. Bad parents/caregivers! This morning he headed off to his music playgroup with his Nana, and is now back and having a tremendous buffet-style snack (raisins, cheerios, pineapple, watermelon, and leftover foccacia). Cutting teeth is hungry work. He could stand to bulk up a little, so I’m encouraging all this (relatively) healthy snackage.

As for me, I got back to my C25K routine. Details here. I’ve also kept up with the majority of my FLYlady reminders, and the house is starting to look pretty good. Mark’s concerned about impending Housekeeping OCD. He might not be wrong…