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Six Word Adventure

Rocky Point walk. Carousel. Fellini’s pizza.

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Bookday for You?

It’s my birthday!

I love my birthday. Love. It.

And as much as I love to get presents, I also love to give them. So, to continue celebrating my new business, I’m giving away one copy–either paperback or board book, your choice–of I Took the Moon for a Walk, by Carolyn Curtis & Alison Jay.

I Took the Moon for a Walk
(from the Barefoot Books site)
Embark on a dreamy, nighttime jaunt with a young boy and the moon. Overcoming a fear of the dark and discovering the world at night lives at the heart of this poetic tale. Includes notes about the moon and plants and animals that thrive in the wee hours.

Ages 1 to 7 years
Written By: Carolyn Curtis
Illustrated By: Alison Jay

All you have to do is leave me some birthday love in the comments.

Comments will be open from 8:15 AM today to 8:15 AM tomorrow, after which I’ll consult random.org for the winning comment!

4/15/2011: Congratulations to Liz, the winner of the book giveaway!
And thanks for the love, y’all!

Happy Birthday, My Love!

Today’s Mark’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old he is. (because he’s not actually old, and also? I’m already trampling his jealously guarded privacy by even writing about it being his birthday, and I don’t want you all being all okay, so if’s he’s x, and counting backwards on your fingers, toes, and any other available appendages ’til you get to year y. that would just be creepy.) I will tell you I’m making strawberry shortcake tonight, and that per the request of the small boy in our household, there will be party hats, candles, and singing.

Because for god’s sake, it a birthday, people!

Here they are this time last year. One of them looks a whole lot more grown up this year…