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New Babies Mean it’s Time for Sexy Haiku, Right?

A Diary of a Mad WomanOf course.

My dear friend the Mad Woman has a new baby boy. Welcome, Sam!

While she’s basking in new maternal glow and learning the two-child shuffle, she’s got a parade of amazing guest posters, and me, too!

So, go, preferably with a glass of wine and someone whose bones you’d like to jump, and read.


A Baker’s Dozen Haiku

for Resolutions
this one will be the
year of shitting in lieu of
getting off the pot.

for Loss
incense, modal chant
the Memory Eternal
rose on a casket

for an Erstwhile Friend
you barged into my
life. your swift disappearance
subsequently sucked.

for Craig Ferguson
can’t wear another
man’s hairpiece, he says. I call
his shenanigans.

for Drunk
dragonfly tumbler.
sweet mother of sparkling wine,
I want a cookie!

for Last One to Bed
simply nothing like
radiating heat from you
and my cold pillow

for the Widow Cliquot
favorite drinking
companion of mine visits
less often these days

for Banishing Clutter
writing desk is clean
maybe now the ideas
will come out to play?

for Editing
Christ on a road bike
this novel will be my death!
must. keep. editing.

for the Fay
throwback to richer
days; strong legs, clear garnet glow.
you go down easy

for a Sunny Winter’s Day
poor snowman, your limp
root vegetable proboscis
doesn’t bode real well.

for Good Morning
shivery delight
when you pull me against you
my hair stands on end

for Blog Hospitality
this is me putting
words out for you. yes, of course
you can lick the plate.

Haiku for Cravings

I would do filthy,
wicked things to the one who’d
bring me Nutella.

Orion Rising

Orion rising
over adjacent rooftops.
Twenty six degrees

and falling. Festive
front porch twinkling; enchanted
is my homecoming.

header 150x150Mama's Losin' ItIn response to Mama Kat’s prompt: Enchanted, and the lovely Nerd Mafia’s Word of the Week.

Haiku for Feeling Foolish

The sky tonight is
beautiful, unforgiving,
cold. Wish I was, too.

Haiku for Giving Directions

put your hands on me
at junction of hip and thigh
i crave a firm touch

slowing down just-there
finger tips traveling a
meandering path

put your hands on me
lay a trail of hot kisses
from here to yes-there

detour over the
expectant curve of soft flesh
on your way inside

put your hands on me
rush me, hold me back from this
sweet destination

Haiku for Lovers Cooking

rum stinging my throat.
hot chili, rich cinnamon
flavor on your tongue.

on our fingers the
lingering scent of garlic.
your taste? the sweetest.


My jades are dying.
Candied emaciation
Their angel of death.

Under Autumn Stars

the hammock was touched
with dew this morning, tonight
a danger of frost

under autumn stars
tangled, defying cold with
goose down, cotton, skin

swinging, rocking, lulled
towards sleep by inky dark and
sweet whispered secrets

Haiku for My New Favorite Poet

your words? silk shackles
playful, dark, verbal mayhem
cannot get enough