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Six Exciting Words

Crockpot apple butter and homemade granola.

Domestic Goddess

If there is, in fact, some divine energy directing our days?

She made days like today for cooking!

I made a big batch of pancakes for breakfast, and froze the few left-overs for convenient reheating when Felix demands to eat in the morning.

I made Marian’s granola. A batch and a half!

I made a beef stew. My beef stew? It’s ahhhh-may-zing. That is all.

I baked Felix’s chocolate chip cake (Smitten Kitchen’s Best Birthday Cake, with Mini Chocolate Chips in the batter), to freeze for next weekend’s big party.

I made biscuits to go with the above-mentioned stew. I served said stew and biscuits to my in-laws, with wine!

I cleaned a bathroom and caught up on so much laundry. I vacuumed. And I wrote. Not just this, either.