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A New Short Story: Requiring of Care

I dropped a broad hint about a new story about 10 days ago. I even teased with a faux tweet back in August. I’m done hinting and teasing. Today you get the real thing!

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Requiring of Care | Smashwords.com

I’m pleased to announce that–just in time for Halloween!–my second short story, Requiring of Care, is now available via Smashwords and Amazon.com for $0.99!

Here’s the teaser from the Requiring of Care page on Smashwords.

Lucy Montgomery answers an unusual Help Wanted ad: Twelve-forty-two High Street. One girl, aged eight years, requiring of care. Between pressed flowers, blood on the wall, and dark closets, Lucy is pulled into the world of Violet, a little girl who holds fragments of a haunting story.

Smashwords offers downloads in every digital format you might need: Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo, PDF and online reading, and of course the iPod/Phone/Pad. Smashwords will also be distributing the story to the major e-retailers in a few weeks, if you prefer to download direct.

For my Kindle user friends, just click here to download Requiring of Care directly!

Thank you all for your continuing support and feedback. My wonderful friends and readers are a blessing.

And if, while you’re visiting the story on either of the pages linked above, you find it in your heart to Stumble, Pin, Like, or Tweet it? Well, to say I’d be grateful would be an understatement.

Thanks again, and happy reading!

Self-Promotion Saturday

It’s been an exciting two weeks for me. All swirling around one accomplishment.

I published a short story. Smashwords provides all the formats you could possibly need to read it. They rock!

It has successfully been distributed to iTunes and Barnes & Noble. I’m working on a direct link to the Kindle Store.

I distributed it to Goodreads, and became a Goodreads Author.

I made a facebook page for myself.

You have all been amazing–supporting me here in the comments, retweeting me, sharing links on facebook, reviewing the story on Smashwords. I am bowled over by the community of readers, writers, family and friends I have around me.

And so, it’s not easy for me to ask this one last favor.

Where ever you’ve been to read the story, be it Smashwords, Goodreads, iTunes or Barnes & Noble? I’d love your feedback. Star ratings, reviews, facebook likes–all of that helps the story keep up its momentum while I get the next project moving. All of that establishes my credibility as a writer.

Choosing to start out like this is risky. I don’t have a publicity machine at my back. I am the captain of my own ship, and I’m still learning the waters. Knowing you’re all here navigating with me? It’s the best feeling in the world.

Thank you.

So Begins Another Adventure!

As of about an hour ago, I am a published author.

Don’t squee too loudly just yet. I am a self-published author.

My first short story, Closing Shift, is available as a free ebook download on Smashwords.com. It may seem familiar to some of you because it is a deeply edited version of a story I wrote here on the blog last summer. (More thanks than I can express to the friends who helped with that editing. You know who you are!)

Pass the word. Download a copy. Leave me a review. Like it. Stumble or tweet or +1 it. The more copies downloaded the more street cred I get, or something.

And thank you all for believing in me.