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I’m staring at my empty post, my blank Add New Post. Today? I have nothing.

It’s been a long day. Work, picking up the new car, Felix’s daily shenanigans. And dinner isn’t even near being on the table.


Dinner is in the oven, which might not be as hot as outside is tonight. Ugh. When it’s this hot, I lose my will to function normally. I want to curl into a puddle of something like watermelon, and wallow until the air quality improves. It’s like some ass backwards version of seasonal affective disorder.

I forgot my book at work today, so not only do I have nothing to read tonight, the C.’s are being treated to a borrowed hardcover edition of The Winter Rose. My illusion of being highbrow is shattered, three weeks into the new job.

It’s better than it looks.

The new van is awesome, except that-oops!-they don’t have a second key/remote for me. Ummm, that’s kind of a big fumble… It’s an ’09. WTF? So, I have to go back to the dealership on Thursday and get my inspection sticker, and apparently strong arm the dealership into hooking me up with a proper set of keys.


I think I’ll call it a night, watch some Deadliest Catch, and work on my Mama Kat’s post for Thursday.
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