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Six Word Sunday: 8/21/11

Get the Oshawott Cake to Maine!


Birthday Cake Wishes

Says our friend, Mr. Morgan, in his signature deadpan, in regards to the candles on his daughter’s birthday cake, “I wish for world peace.”

Says my Small Boy, “I wish for a little piece.”

My Small Boy’s Birthday Party

Yesterday was Felix’s birthday party. The pictures tell it better than I could.

There was cake. Chocolate chip cake, with vanilla frosting in the middle, and chocolate on the outside. And sprinkles. He may only be turning three, but the boy knows how he likes his cake. Why five candles? Three for him, the big white one is musical (why not?), and a pink one for my Mom, whose actual birthday it was yesterday (happy birthday again, Mom!).

There were presents. It took a village to open them.

He was suitably impressed with his cake.

And he blew out the candles like a pro.

But perhaps the highlight? He got to play with his hero, his idol, Big Brother J!

Domestic Goddess

If there is, in fact, some divine energy directing our days?

She made days like today for cooking!

I made a big batch of pancakes for breakfast, and froze the few left-overs for convenient reheating when Felix demands to eat in the morning.

I made Marian’s granola. A batch and a half!

I made a beef stew. My beef stew? It’s ahhhh-may-zing. That is all.

I baked Felix’s chocolate chip cake (Smitten Kitchen’s Best Birthday Cake, with Mini Chocolate Chips in the batter), to freeze for next weekend’s big party.

I made biscuits to go with the above-mentioned stew. I served said stew and biscuits to my in-laws, with wine!

I cleaned a bathroom and caught up on so much laundry. I vacuumed. And I wrote. Not just this, either.

Birthday Cake & Surplus Frosting

I had a commission this weekend to do a birthday cake for a friend’s mother. She turned 60, and my friend and his family threw her a surprise party. This is apparently, the year of 60th birthday cakes. Anyway, I was told cake for 20 or so, the Smitten Kitchen Best Birthday Cake, and mocha frosting. It was also mentioned that she likes lilacs, so I riffed a little on that, but in a modern, elegant, feminine-without-being-girlish kind of way.

Then I found myself with tons of extra mocha frosting. Boo hoo, poor me!
What to do with two cups of spare mocha frosting? (Besides sitting down with a spoon and a Colin Firth movie?) Bake chocolate cupcakes!
Ta da!