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Nothing of Earth-Shaking Consequence

So many days, so much and so little of note in my life. Normalcy prevails, and I’m not sure what exactly to do. I mean there are always concerns; our major one right now is Mark’s back. He says he thinks it’s a slipped disc; I’m still hoping for a muscle strain. That I can deal with (by bugging him with homeopathic remedies, bed rest, and heating pads ::nagnagnag::). The alternative conjures visions of surgery, long recovery periods, lack of income, repossession, etc… Best not to go down that road for now.

So, until he gets back from the doctor’s this afternoon, I’m shoving those thoughts to the back of my head.
Otherwise, we’ve now got proof of improvement in the dining room!

The “before” was taken at our home inspection, the “after” about a week and a half ago. More when we paint! The house in general is reflecting my newfound clutter-busting energy. My Mother-In-Law dropping in last night to give us an ornamental flowering plum and a freilsland sage for our landscaping efforts didn’t phase me a bit. The kitchen was clean, the floors washed, the LR tidy, the trash taken out… It was like a whole new existence for me!

Our summer is rapidly filling up with weekends away and fun stuff… I wonder if we’ll have time (never mind funding) to put up the deck Mark’s planning for the back yard. It would be nice… A deck…

Enough daydreaming of decks and summer. J has his chess lesson in a few minutes, so off we all go!

This post started out slow, but I guess I had more to say than I thought… Nothing of earth-shaking consequence, but no one who reads this is expecting in-depth political analysis or international daredevil antics, so I guess I’m in the clear.