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My Cherie Amour: A Knitting Project and some Stevie Wonder

It’s a sweater. I got carried away, but if you want to sing along, click on the post title for the first 1:30. Ah, Stevie…

Once upon a time, when I was pregnant (why I thought it would be good idea to knit a sweater, while pregnant, for my non-pregnant self, I’ll never know), I knit this sweater. Ugh! It has sat undisturbed in my closet for almost three years. It’s about $100 worth of really high quality Japanese handpainted yarn. Quel waste!

So onto the needles with this sassy little number.

Here’s hoping it’s a better use of the yarn!

photo is from, saved to my drive
credit: Monty Moncrief


Hello! say the Woodins

I was so busy knitting these guys the two weeks before Christmas that I never got around to blogging them. They were one on Felix’s Christmas gifts. Three little stuffed guys and a hollow tree for them to play in. How can you not love them?


Originally uploaded by fallingdownhouse

About a year ago, I got in touch with a couple of other knitters who are friends with my friends, the Corrdins, who were, at the time, expecting their first child. Said child was expected in July, and I figured that would leave plenty of time for us to each knit a third of a blanket, and for to collect them and knit them together.

I am as delusional about time frames as my husband, apparently.

Ruben was born in June (all good), the other girls got their thirds to me in July, I finished mine in August (still ok, right?). I finished the blanket on the 17th. Of January. 2009. (eek)

I am slow and I suck.

But I think they liked their blankie.

Gallery of Finished Objects

I’ve finally hit some kind of stride with my various knitting projects. The whole having a baby thing distracted me right in the middle of a long, and probably over ambitious, list of WIPs. I was bogged down, and the projects loomed over me, casting a pall over my knitting. And who wants a pall over the very hobby that quiets your mind, busies your hands, and fuels your creativity?

So, I chucked them all for a few days, knit up a scarf in a yummy yarn I’d been dying to play with for a friend’s birthday, and kick started the rest of my finishing projects. And voila! suddenly things started coming together:

Fibby’s Birthday/Graduation/You’re the coolest Scarfy GoodnessDashing Fingerless Gloves
Malabrigo Baby Hat for Ayden
Dishcloth Cotton Bib for Elias
Jamie’s Christmas Scarf – Yay, Christmas in June!
Dishcloth Mitered Square for Learning Purposes

Now I’m getting back to some long awaiting WIPs, most of which will reveal themselves in good time.

Book Borrowing

One of the things I love about our library is that it’s part of a huge inter library loan network with online catalogs, renewals, and requests. It’s perfect for the lazy time crunched mother. So, last night I went and picked up my most recent stash.

Knitting books much?

Of Swifts and Nostepinnes

This weekend, I tried a few new tricks in the knitting department.

I’ve been reading about how to make a yarn swift out of Tinkertoys, and I picked up a used set of Tinkertoys on Ebay a while back. This weekend I finally had a need for my new swift. I deviated a little from the original design, but the concept is the same. Now, with skein at the ready, I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those nice yummy yarn cakes that don’t move around while you’re knitting from them…”

So, I pottered around the internets until I found a guy who gave instructions for using a paper towel roll as a nostepinne.

After a little fiddling, I used the pictured swift and “nostepinne” to make that cute little yarn cake from which I’ve cast on a new project. Hooray, no more tanlged skeins.

To Wear or Not To Wear: Something On One’s Bottom Half

By the time I’m done with the 2007 holiday knitting, it will be time to start on 2008.

It’s an absolute truth, people. I just cast on for yet another belated gift. This one I hope to have on its way to Maine by Valentine’s Day. Merry Valentinmas?

I’ve still got a scarf, two pairs of fingerless gloves, and a golf club cover to do after this. There’s also Felix’s baby blanket on needles, and three other projects from last summer that I abandoned in favor of holiday knitting. Hmmmm… When will I get to knit all the socks I want to try?

Yesterday, while I finished Miss E’s hat, she spent the day in a t-shirt and undies, complaining of the cold, and hoarding blankets on the couch. When I, ever so foolishly, suggested pants, she looked at me like I was a single-cell life form, and said, “I don’t have to wear pants in the house.”

While this is, technically, true, I was irritated by her tone, and reminded her that pants, while not strictly required, would keep her warm, and away from the confines of the couch. No luck. Pantless, she continued to complain, and I continued to be unsympathetic.

Did I mention that the house is heated to a balmy 72 degrees? Bet she’d wear pants at my house… we keep it at 62 degrees.

She had opted to stay home with O, Felix, and I while their Dad took Big Brother J skiing at Mount Sunapee for the day. I think she somehow thought a day home would be nonstop excitement. I had been looking forward to a quiet day with the little boys, largely occupied by playing trains and trucks, knitting, and napping, so needless to say, she was mildly disappointed. Miss E is a great one for needing entertainment. Recently, she’s started reading chapter books, which helps, but heaven help a nanny if she hasn’t got a bagful of suggestions when the reading no longer cuts it. At 6, *my* Mom sent me to play with my toys until I was called for lunch, and made me take an hour’s rest after lunch before being sent off to play again until supper. She also asked that we wear something on our bottom half, and I feel I had quite a nice upbringing.

Show & Tell: Hats

I know you all read this blog for the witty observations (ahem…), but today’s a little show and tell. I’ve been knitting like a fiend over the holidays, even since I’ve been back to work, and I have a few things to show for it! The funny thing is, many, many of these things were hats. And here they are:

Me, modeling Big Brother J’s hat, first in a coordinating series of hats for the kids.

Me, modeling O’s hat, second in the coordinating hat series.

Miss E modeling her hat. Third in the series.

Me, again, in my new hat, a luscious cashmere and merino Brioche stitch hat.

So, those were the hats. Enjoy your MLK day.


My littlest ghoulie here at work tried on his Hedwig (the snowy owl, not the cross-dressing rocker) costume last night, and charmed everyone on the neighborhood. This, while I was scooping and carving the kids’ Jack-O-Lanterns. They started out enthusiastically enough, but somehow, in the end, I am the one who finished cleaning them out, and carving two out of three. Some days I really feel like I earn my paycheck!

So, apparently, despite my efforts to explain to the contrary, people felt that I didn’t love the Red Sox, simply because I don’t love the idea of an expensive, dirty, chaotic rolling rally for them when they win the Series. Au contraire, and my kids are not destined to be Yankees fans, for the simple fact that I’m not a huge fan of New York City itself, never mind Steinbrenner’s Evil, obnoxious, cocky baseball franchise. And chances are, I will bitch equally loudly if there is another victory rally in Boston, come the beginning of February. But I’m not looking that far ahead in the football season, because to do that would be toxic for the Pats rather impressive streak thus far, and I don’t want that kind of responsibility.

In knitting news, I’ve finished a few projects, including another Christmas gift, the Clapotis, and a stuffed Bear for my friend’s baby shower, which I hope to attend this Saturday, barring a trip to the hospital myself that day.

One Hobby at a Time…

It’s quiet here at work this morning. I think O’s still asleep. He’s still adjusting to the loss of his afternoon nap the three days he goes to preschool. I had one of those sleepy drives in where you feel like you maybe shouldn’t be driving?

I was craving coffee and donuts all the way in, so I decided to go to the 7-11 and get hot chocolate and donuts, so I’m not totally pumping the baby up with caffeine (only a little bit….). Yummy. Donuts.

Torn between whipping out one of the three Christmas gifts I’m working on at present, and updating this here blog, I decided not to neglect the blog, but I’m not exactly sure what I have to say. I’ve been knitting, and pregnant, and somehow, blogging has gotten lost by the wayside, which is sad, because I’m sure there’ve been some good little tidbits to share… Or is no news good news?

Even the kids have mostly been themselves. Obviously, that means they’re nutjobs, but this is nothing out of the ordinary.

I did read a fabulous article this morning, at the recommendation of a friend, about snoring remedies, since apparently I’ve started snoring, and in a comical (perhaps ironical?) turn of events, it’s disturbing my partner’s rest. (For those of you out of the loop, Mark snores like a fighter jet engine, sometimes even when he’s wearing his CPAP mask.)

Enough, I suppose with the senseless blogging, and onto the knitting… or maybe waking up the O for his speech therapy session… Sleepy kiddo.