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Proud Mama

Today I’m telling a story about Betty and Felix at The Kir Corner as part of her Proud Mommy Moments series.

I was also passed the Versatile and Kreativ Blogger Awards over at Do Sweat the Small Stuff. She had some very lovely things to say about me, for which I am very grateful. I’m not very good at passing these along, but I will ask you this:

Today, while you’re out and about in the blogosphere, leave a comment somewhere that simply appreciates the blogger–tell them why you come to read. Pass along the love. Pay it forward. For me.



Some Thoughts on Smashwords for Write On Edge

Today I’m at Write On Edge talking a little about my independent publishing adventures with Smashwords.

Click here to enjoy the post.


I’m the Sluiter Nation Recruit today.

At Daddy Runs A Lot Today!

Every once in a while, a commenter drops out of the sky and not too long after, you’re lucky enough to call him a friend. John is funny, wickedly inappropriate, and has way too much energy. That we can talk musical theater in addition? Well… somebody grab my smelling salts.

So, when he asked me to guest post, I actually started writing almost immediately. I knew exactly what I wanted to say over at The Adventures of Daddy Runs A Lot.

So, click on over, and while you’re there, stick around to read.

Wearing A Red Dress Today

I’m over at the Red Dress Club today, talking a little about how I write, characters, dialogue, and the big What If.

How Do My Mommypants Fit?

A little snug, really, even though I’ve been wearing them for a long time.

I’m telling Cheryl’s readers about it today over at Mommypants.

Comments here are closed, but I’d love to hear your thoughts over there.

New Babies Mean it’s Time for Sexy Haiku, Right?

A Diary of a Mad WomanOf course.

My dear friend the Mad Woman has a new baby boy. Welcome, Sam!

While she’s basking in new maternal glow and learning the two-child shuffle, she’s got a parade of amazing guest posters, and me, too!

So, go, preferably with a glass of wine and someone whose bones you’d like to jump, and read.

Fears, Flaws & Fat Pants: the Studio Thirty Plus Post

This piece originally ran as a feature on Studio Thirty Plus.

It’s truly humbling to be asked to write a featured post in the middle of a slump the size of Texas (or California or Alaska–I’m not picking on anyone, just looking at large geographical areas). I feel like I’m at a black tie event in my pajama pants.

I will say this: I’m relatively confident I’m not wearing the ones with the hole in the ass.

Damn. I said, “ass.” Now I’m that blogger who said “ass” in her feature.

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t keep my fingers to myself.

I meant in terms of typing.

(Now you all think I’m a perv as well as a verbal incontinent.)

The thing is, I’m usually not–a verbal incontinent (I am a perv, I just hide it moderately well). Mostly, I know how to direct my words. When I post, I’m wearing something suitable to the occasion: my snuggly robe for quiet parenting moments, fuck-me boots and fire engine lipstick for the sexy stories, something elegant for literary fiction, and Gap chic for my new business venture.

Never show up to your blog in your fat pants.

That’s like Blogging 101.

Never show up to a featured post in your fat pants.

Definitely on the exam for Blogging 102.

So, now that I’ve catastrophically failed my Studio30+ feature, what can I expect?

Hopefully, a few readers who recognize a fellow writer, more than a litle stymied, with all her fears and flaws on display for her gowned and tuxedoed peers.

In pajamas.

Prayer for A Son: Guest Post from Nancy of Away We Go!

I met Nancy through The Red Dress Club. She’s got it, the writer thing. She can talk the writing-craft talk–I’m often all swoony when she does–and she walks it on her blog, Away We Go. I first fell for Nancy’s work when she wrote a fictional funeral scene for a Red Writing Hood prompt, but the piece that stays with me? Well, it’s also about the same family, but it’s a bit more somber.

Recently, I read the piece I’m sharing with you and it just… well, it resonated. So much so that I jumped on asking her if I could reprint it here.

And away we go!

If you haven’t read Tina Fey’s “Prayer for a Daughter” is it imperative that you click over and read it now.

This was a brilliant piece, and I could totally relate to it, except for the whole having-a-daughter-thing. So, while I would never dream of wearing Tina Fey’s Bossypants, I will provide this homage, for all those mothers of sons.

Prayer for a Son

Oh, Lord, please nerd this kid up. Not so much that he is writing manifestos (leave that to his mother), but enough that he knows the middle names of Star Wars characters.

Lead him, dear Lord, to band camp, chess club, scouts, and cross country.

Give him friends who are socially inept, so they may form a dorky tribe. Preferably in my house, away from the drugs and hot-rodders.

May he have friends that are girls, so that when he has a girlfriend, he remembers, and pauses.

And, oh Sweet Jesus, keep him away from Ed Hardy, gold chains, dirt bikes, mesh t-shirts, and styling gel.

Teach him to like math. Life is so much easier when you can count and stuff.
Please, Lord. If you insist that he thinks of sex every moment of the day, help him to fake it. My nerves cannot take it.

Help him to understand the intricate design of the washing machine, dishwasher, and toilet seat, so that his future wife will hate me a little bit less.

Give me strength, for there will be days that his heart will be broken, and he will not talk to me about it. He will wait for his father, and this will tear me in half.

Dear Lord, I know my sons will tower over me. At some point, they will use the top of my head as a table. Give me a sense of humor about this.

And in all seriousness, Lord: Help me always to see their father’s kindness in their eyes.

Give them gentle strength, so that when it’s finally okay to hug me again, they will.

I’m In Mandyland!

MandylandMy good friend Mandy, who blogs at Mandyland and impersonates the Universe on Twitter, is hosting me today.

While you’re there, be sure to check out her Fictional Mandyland tab, wherein you’ll find characters who could totally be Will’s Montana neighbors.

I kind of want to nibble on Henry. But Ellie might kick my ass, since she’s pretty badass.