The Claw Foot Tub

The claw foot tub was smeared with blood. It pooled on the floor. The sides were streaked crimson, running pale where rivulets of water diluted it.


For this week’s Red Writing Hood prompt, we’re inviting you to truly scare us. Here’s what you’ll need to do: Compose a post in the form of a text160 charactersYour text must elicit or express fear.

This is excerpted from my latest short story. Click the Requiring of Care button on the right sidebar for details.

28 responses to “The Claw Foot Tub

  1. Did you know that for some reason I’ve always been scared of claw-footed tubs? Accckkk, you just made it worse, Cam! LOL

  2. The only thing better than this? Reading the whole thing… I shiver.

  3. So gruesome, and so good!

    I remember going to a haunted house when I was a kid. A claw foot tub, a mannequin in pieces, and lots and lots of ketchup.

    I’m so glad I’m grown up enough now for the real thing!

  4. I liked that this can fix in a text, but isn’t a text.

    There’s something that’s just plain creepy about claw-foot tubs, anyway, isn’t there?

  5. Okay, super creepy – well done!

  6. I have always wanted a claw foot tub. I still do.

    Also? I want the rest of the story.

  7. claw foots used to be so soothing to me, truly…not creepy. Now, well you ruined it. 😉

  8. You got me with “rivulet”.

    Such a lovely word. It even sounds delicate when you say it out loud.

    And yet perfectly gruesome here.

  9. yeah, you sold me with rivulet

    Every word shudders and shakes with fear. Perfect.

    Also, the texter is really smart. Not a single OMG or LOL.

    Good stuff, Cam. I like it.

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  11. Oh yes. blood is always nice and creepy and scary.

  12. this part even got me when i read your story!

  13. Wow! Love the visuals here. You have a way of bringing in this awesome gothic aspect to your tales, and I just love that.

  14. I can see the water blending with the streaks of blood….great pictures!

  15. This is really brilliant – claw foot tubs are definitely scary!

  16. Well, now I HAVE to go and download your new story 🙂

    Makes me happy I prefer showers…though, there is always that whole Psycho issue…hmm, amazing that humanity is still staying clean!

  17. the writ and the wrote

    I adore your use of the word rivulet. That’s a 50 cent word right there.

  18. I want the rest of this story, please. I LOVE IT!

    • You can have it! Click the link to Requiring of Care on the right sidebar, and it can be yours for $0.99! (Or the Amazon link in the post before this one…) Thanks!

  19. That’s GRUESOME!

    …. loved it 🙂

  20. Unimaginable fear! *shudders* So graphic!

  21. geez what a eerie image… Great.

  22. Those clawfoot tubs somehow are the most perfect setting for such horrible acts. Fabulous!

  23. We had a claw foot tub when I was younger and liked it. I thought that it was cool… I may change my mind now.

  24. Still spooky.

    (do yourself a favor folks and get your pants scared off by the whole story. Now.)

  25. The claw foot tub is usually luxurious and relaxing. However now there’s a creepy feel to it. Great writing.

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