Rackish Hijinks

How do you translate an inside joke from Twitter into a blog post?

You don’t. Suffice it to say I’m wearing a top today which accentuates one of my … ahem… positive attributes. And that Lori thinks my doing so may incite a riot at the quiet small town library where I am tapping on my laptop.

But it brings to mind something that John brought up this morning on his blog. I’ve done it before, written about what I like about myself, but it’s so much easier to fall back into self loathing and unhealthy behaviors that mask the symptoms.

So here again, I’m going to dig deep, to think about qualities in myself which make me happy, which give me pleasure.

I love the flutter and rush when a story tumbles out of my head and onto the page. I love the motion of my fingers on the keyboard and the flow of type across my screen, words and ideas and characters and conversations born in my imagination–all testing their wings before I set them free.

I have good hair. It’s taken me nearly all of my 34 years to figure out how to deal with it, but the struggle has paid off.

I have a truly wicked sense of humor. Most people don’t even know the half of it.

I think, when the chips are down and the stakes are high, I am a good friend. Sometimes I let my friendships slip in the day-to-day, and I’m working on being more present in that way. But if you need me, and you call or I find out? I. am. there. Sometimes it’s only via phone or email or whatever (damned geography!), but I’m there.

I sometimes come across as snarky and sarcastic, and my job makes me hideously grumpy, but at the core, I am an optimist–a believer in love and luck and happiness–and I have an enormous excess of love in my heart.

And of course, to paraphrase the Daniel of Bridget Jones fame, my tits look great in this top.


23 responses to “Rackish Hijinks

  1. I wish I could comment this post. But, I’m happily married, thus I can not.

    see ya next one..

  2. I have always thought of you as benevolent, generous with your words, and a very grounded woman.

    If you can rock the tube top on top of all this, go fight win, mama!

  3. All of this comes through on the webs and the Twitter. No hiddden agendas with you. Just unfiltered awesome.

  4. I seriously think you could be my long lost twin:)
    Snarky, sarcastic, wicked sense of humor, to name but a few…
    I can rock a great top too;)

  5. I can personally testify to the great friend part. And Nancy’s “unfiltered awesome” comment pretty much covers the rest, including your ability to rock a great top.

  6. Damn geography always gets in the damn way. I’m right there with you on the friend front, and can vouch for your awesomeness there.

    My hair hates me, so I chopped it all off, but it actually kind-of looks good this way.

    I believe I’ve seen an avatar or two testifying to just how well your tits look in the right top.

    Your way with words is legendary – I cannot tell you how much I smile very time I get a new post notification from you. Even when I’m too busy to read it, I know that I’ll have something great to read later . . . and reading your stuff makes me want to write more, myself.

  7. Perhaps we are long lost twins, since I could have said almost everything in here (well, I’m not wearing a particularly great top today…).

    Although sometimes I think I just have a mean sense of humor, so I keep it to myself a lot. I prefer your term wicked, so I think I’ll just use that!

    I probably always come across as sarcastic. And my job makes me hideously grumpy (even right now, since it’s hard to work and catch up on my blog reading at the same time, damn job!).

    I’d describe myself as a pessimist with hope though. Great post, it’s important to remember the positive things rather than always giving in to your internal critic, mine hardly ever shuts up, the pesky bitch.

  8. I love this… you sound like a fun person to hang out with :o)

  9. When I see an email or new post from you, I want to jump on a sofa, Tom Cruise-style.

    Also, you give good book. Real good.

  10. Love this affirmation of your self. You rock, and I would totally LOVE to hang out with you some day. For now, I’ll just keep drinking in your beautiful words.

  11. I knew there were many reasons to like you! 🙂

  12. All true, I say! All true!

    Such a good exercise, too: owning the awesome.

  13. I think you are all of that and more…so many times we need to remind ourselves of what is good and right about us, but when we do it’s confirmed in comments and love just like this.
    (htis would have been awesome for the Just Be Enough link)

    And I am sure that top is accentuating your attributes! 😉

  14. This post made me happy.

    I mean really.
    I’m smiling like a damn fool right now.

    That’s how super-fabulous you are.

  15. wait, another dude commented soooo

    your writing is an inspiration. Also your committment to those of us who struggle with confidence in our own writing is amazing,. Thanks dude.

  16. That top didn’t only made your tits looked good, it’s definitely brought up the confident, inspired, and spirited side of you too! I can tell 😉 You go, girl!

  17. Nice post, C.

  18. Ha!! Rock em’ if you got em.’

  19. Love this post!! And I love your humor!

  20. I ditto Lance. I love your writing, you create great characters, and I’ve found your red writing hood comments very precise and encouraging.

  21. you are amazing. but why are we always talking about your tits?

  22. I’m sure your tits do look great in that top, but no harm in backing that up with some photographic evidence, right? I’m going to stop myself there before this comment turns into something out of “Girls Gone Wild.”

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