The Event, Part II

“Where are my manners? Samantha, I believe you two are fairly well acquainted.” Lucy asked, lips curving into a vicious smile. “Will, this is my date, Craig Honoré.” For more, read here.

Sam felt Will’s arm around her waist. Sam couldn’t take her eyes off of Craig. She’d thought his power over her was gone, but her clammy hands and pounding heart spoke otherwise. He paid no attention to Lucy, but let his eyes roam over Sam. She fought the urge to gag as a hint of a smirk played around his perfect mouth.

“Jesus Christ, Lucy,” Will growled.

Craig chuckled. Lucy stayed silent.

“I’m guessing from the cool welcome, Samantha hasn’t spoken very well of me,” Craig said easily, offering Will his hand. “You know how women get after a breakup.”

Will let go of Sam so suddenly she stumbled. She caught her balance in time to see Will grab Craig by his lapels and shove him back against the street lamp. Craig’s head clanged on the steel.

“If you so much as look at her again, I’ll—“

“WILL!” Lucy and Sam screamed together.

A crowd was gathering around the them. Will pushed back from Craig, leaving the taller man leaning against the post. Sam put a tentative hand on his shoulder. She could feel his anger beneath her fingers. He blew out a breath.

“Lucy, I suggest you find another date. This one’s not welcome,” he said quietly. “Come on, Sam.”

She followed him inside, turning back once to see Lucy watching her, looking quietly triumphant.

The crowd around the bar was oblivious to the scene out front. Will ordered a Makers Mark for each of them. He downed his in two quick swallows; Sam sipped, letting it burn away the taste of bile rising in her throat.

Will set his glass down on a passing waiter’s tray and scanned the room. Sam watched him, afraid to look, to see Lucy or Craig amongst the blur of faces.

He was about to speak when they were approached by a slim young man in a gray suit jacket and tailored, snug jeans. He carried a business card, which he flicked out from between his first two fingers.

“Freddie Bluth,” he said. “Who’s your agency?”

Will took the card, his brow creasing.

“My what?”

“Your agency,” Bluth repeated.

“William Dryer,” Will said, offering a hand. “And this is Samantha Ellis. We represent the Atkinson family.”

“Shit,” Bluth moaned. “My boyfriend told me the new model was going to be here; that he was bringing a dark-haired date. Forgive me, but I saw your ass and assumed you were going to be the new face of my denim line.”

The younger man blushed furiously.

“What?” Will asked. The look on his face made Sam giggle. The release of tension raced through her veins and the giggle burst into full-throated laughter. Helpless tears rolled down her face while Will and Freddie Bluth stared.

“This is why I don’t do meet-and-greets, I always fuck it up,” Freddie said, looking between Will and Sam as she tried in vain to regain her composure.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to excuse us,” Will said, taking Sam by the arm and guiding her towards the entrance, leaving Freddie Bluth standing by the bar alone.

Focusing on Will as he dialed his phone gave Sam the chance to recover. She sucked in the crisp air as they left the building.

“We’re finished here. Can you bring the car back around?” he asked. He disconnected the call, dialed again. “Iris? Yeah, it’s Will. Something’s come up. Call Miss Atkinson, she can stand in for me at the dedication.”

“We’re going?” Sam asked.

“I’m not waiting for a third thing to happen tonight.”

Jeans. They can evoke so much emotion in us: the hot jeans we wear on a date, the skinny jeans we can finally fit into, mom jeans we vow never to wear, the comfy jeans we’ll never throw out.

The assignment this week is to write a piece – fiction or creative non-fiction – in which jeans play a prominent role.

I don’t know if the jeans played a prominent role, but they did inspire me towards the somewhat absurd turn of events that lets Will get Sam out of there after the whole Craig/Lucy debacle.

16 responses to “The Event, Part II

  1. I was really hoping Will would clock the guy. But I suppose his presence has a purpose.

  2. The release from this is visceral. I felt lighter when Sam started laughing. How totally absurd that whole Freddie thing is! And it makes me wonder if Craig’s crazy voodoo family has something in store…

  3. I’m still grumbling over Lucy from last week, but at least Will got in there. His anger was palpable. You managed to create tension and then fully release it with Freddie!

  4. Very adroitly done, C. Great release of tension.

  5. With the way you were talking last night I was expecting something much different…. way off in left field somewhere! But this was great! I love how it picked up exactly where you left off last week, the building tension, and finally the humor at the end! Made me smile!

  6. Wise decision Will!
    I love the combination of tension-and then comedy here. Brilliant!
    I couldn’t help but imagine what strike three might have been!! (Kick ass, nice ass…)

    Love it like I always do, C!

  7. I’m just jumping in to the story here… I am getting the love triangle. The little nuances of Will letting go of Sam’s hand so briskly and taking her again by the arm at the end makes me feel like he is a bit of a tool if not over-controlling. Well done.

  8. Um. Now, CDG, that was just ornery.
    But I loved it!

    Sigh, love the passion that flows through that man! Oh Will, do you have a brother?

    And when does Sam get to throat punch Lucy?

  9. I was waiting for Will to hit Craig too. I love this!

  10. Well I’m glad Will did something even if it wasn’t punching the heck out of Craig.

    Hoping Sam gets her courage and really gives Lucy what’s coming to her!

  11. The jeans played a perfect role. I love that they broke the tension for Sam, broke any power that Craig had over the situation as a whole.

    I almost like it better that Will DIDN’T slug Craig, though I know I’m in the majority. I feel like it’s more threatening, in a way, that he was able to hold himself back.

  12. Simply, bwahahahahahaha!

    This takes me back to a time that I was getting hit on by a gay man – and everyone around me knew I was getting hit on – only I didn’t see it.

  13. Lucy is just pure evil and while I hate her, I love her character and I love the way this happened so quickly. The range of emotion was written so well, that I felt all the feelings and let a breath out once I was sure that no one was leaving any worse for the wear. the jeans were well placed and a good diversion.

  14. This was really fun to read because of the shift in moods!
    On a side note, I noticed on your profile when I was on my way over you listed The Eight as one of your fav books. I loved that book too! 🙂

  15. Holy shite. If Sam doesn’t marry him, I’m stealing Will. As in now. So…umm…figure out a way to get him out of the world of fiction. ‘Kay?

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