Six Word Story: At the Fair

Holding chicks. Racing pigs. Midway rides.

10 responses to “Six Word Story: At the Fair

  1. Now that is an action-packed six word story….wonderful post 🙂

  2. The perfect family event? Methinks so!

  3. I just read an article on six word memoirs late last night.

    I had so much fun writing them down in a notebook.

    I could do a blog just on one of these a day.

    They’re fun, aren’t they?

    I had the kids do them, too.

    The best ones came from my husband.

    Your six word here paints a wonderful picture.

  4. the writ and the wrote

    Love it. I love the six word memoir books.

  5. How fun! We went to our state fair yesterday! The boys got to feed horses and ride the rides! They were in heaven! I was exhausted but had a great time!

  6. That is awesome.

    My fair six words would probably be “Eating fried pickles, chili cheese fries”.

  7. Man, I need to attend a fair, they sound awesome!

  8. Have you ever seen the bunny show at the fair? So cute. My favorite.

  9. Better than holding pigs, chasing chicks!

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