The Event

The summer is over, but Will has invited Sam to join him in New York on business. For more, read here.

Sam watched Will finish tying the black bow at his collar as she slipped a hammered gold cuff around her wrist.

The doorman had buzzed them only a moment ago. Mr. Dryer? The car is here.

Ed’s New York apartment perched over Fifth Avenue. When they’d arrived, the blush-tipped leaves and fading green were spread out beneath it like a quilt. Now, with night fallen, the Park was a glowing trail map, the city reflected in the reservoir. Will moved through the rooms as easily as he did his cabin on Left of Paradise. Sam resisted the urge to tuck a stray curl behind her ear and beg out of the party.

“Ready?” Will asked. Sam nodded.

The car sped them downtown; Sam watched the lights fly by with her cheek pressed to the cool window like a child.

“Explain this event to me again?” she asked.

“Ed is permanently loaning part of his collection of Joseph Cornell boxes to the New York Academy of Art,” Will began.

“You came to Vermont to buy one,” she said.

“Very nearly a year ago,” he answered, taking her free hand on the seat between them. “The one I bought that week is going to be on display tonight.”

“I loved that,” she said, shifting to face him.

“So, I’m representing his estate, since he’s too ill to travel,” Will finished. “I’m the face of E. Atkinson, Inc.”

He shot her a toothy smile. She couldn’t help laughing.

“I have no idea why I’m here,” she said as the giggles subsided.

“I want you here,” he said. “I asked. You said yes.”

He squeezed her hand.

“It’s very simple, really.”

The car stopped outside the NYAA building. The driver opened her door and helped her out of the car. She tried to be subtle about shimmying her cocoa shantung shift into place. Marnie had dressed her, and she still felt a little like an impostor in the dress and Marnie’s gold gladiator sandals. Taking in the clusters of beautiful people loitering outside, Sam silently thanked her best friend.  At least her clothes would fit in.

“You’re beautiful,” Will whispered in her ear, dropping a pink and gold chinoiserie wrap over her shoulders.

She shot him a grateful glance and took his hand.

“You know, I never could do the whole bed-head, up-do thing very well.” The voice was smoothly venomous behind them. Will’s grip on her hand tightened; he turned first.


“Will,” she said. “What a pleasure.”

Sam turned to face Lucy. Ed’s daughter was all bronze skin and golden hair and scarlet satin in the street lamp’s pool.

“You look surprised,” Lucy said to them. “I’m his daughter. I have every right to be here.”

“That you do, Lucy,” Will nodded.

A tall man came around the corner, whistling O Susanna and tossing a set of car keys with one hand. Sam dropped Will’s hand. The air around her seemed to thicken and pulse in time with her heart.

Lucy reached for the man’s arm as he joined them in the light. Dark hair and emerald eyes.

“Where are my manners? Samantha, I believe you two are fairly well acquainted.” Lucy asked, lips curving into a vicious smile. “Will, this is my date, Craig Honoré.”

This week, with Labor Day and the end of summer rapidly approaching, we asked you to write about a season of change for your character or you. It can be literal or metaphorical.


26 responses to “The Event

  1. Oh.My.GOD!!! Now that is an interesting turn of events.

    Damn, that Lucy is a conniving bitch, isn’t she

  2. Oh I have missed reading Sam and Will, I have to visit you every Friday from now on. Ugh, Lucy.

  3. I believe i know that shawl? love the twist of the knife here!

  4. Oh, you. Could there be any more changes in here?!

    I have chills -and lots of them- as i always do when I read your gift.

  5. OMG My heart stopped, I had almost forgotten about Lucy’s meeting with the waiter…this was written with such vivid images for me..I could feel that “scarlet satin” “pooling”. wow. that’s what you are so good at!!! Loved this!

  6. Oh what a lovely spin on things!! I’m reading to inspire myself to write despite the whining child in the room. LOL. I knew you’d inspire me!

  7. Oooh…is Will going to throat punch him? Do guys throat punch each other or is that a girl thing?

    Cannot wait to see what happens next!

  8. Your writing is so lush, and luscious!

    “She tried to be subtle about shimmying her cocoa shantung shift into place. ”

    Like a box of chocolate covered words Cameron-I want to gorge myself!

  9. That Lucy is so very viscious, and doesn’t every good story need a Cruella DeVille?

    Your clothing descriptions made me want to go shopping. Well, and have a charity party to attend on the Upper East Side.

  10. Ugg…. I feel like I’ve missed something even though I’ve read most all of this story! Who is Craig?!?!

    I love your writing!! Another installment well done my friend.

    • He’s Sam’s old fiance. Lilith’s son. And a right sonofabitch.
      “What Happened” is the section of the story that’s most relevant to him.

  11. My favorite part of this piece is how you captured a NYC fall. Those leaves, and the reflection of those skyscrapers, set a lovely mood.

    And that last bit? I knew things were too good. You had to add the drama!

    I bet Lucy is so much fun to write.

  12. Great story line. I don’t like Lucy but most all of us have someone like her in our lives. Can’t wait to read more.

  13. Good story line! It’s very intriguing!

  14. the writ and the wrote

    More! This is great and your cliffhanger is absolutely perfect.

  15. I.don’t. like. Lucy. Though I’m not fond of mean girls, she definitely stirs the emotional pot here. Loved all the changes being shown here and the cliffhanger was the perfect way to end and keep us begging for more! :>

  16. I wondered when he’d show up. Craig should like Lucy, so much like his mother.

  17. JESUS! Dude…that…bitch!!!

  18. I love this. Lucy… I don’t love! I’d like to trip her!

    Great piece of writing!

  19. grrrrrrrrrrrr! BITCH!

    I can’t wait for Lucy to gain the confidence to tell them all… well… to tell them… yes, hmm, I guess this is a family site! anyway, to gain confidence! 🙂

  20. Sorry – should have said – this was beautifully written.

  21. yikes!
    also, how many artists, art dealers & the like are you writing about now? that is really interesting.

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  23. So how cool would it be to link your pinterest board to your posts? I’m totally seeing Sam and that bitch Lucy.

    BTW, LOVE Mandy’s reaction. Amen sister!

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