Lucy and Violet

They pulled Lucy from the ground, arms smeared in soil; her fingers unfurled revealing the tiny bones of a human hand. “Violet,” she moaned.

This week’s assignment will require the fewest number of words ever: we want you to write a story – your choice of topic – as a tweet.

That’s right. One hundred and forty characters. Not words. Characters.


47 responses to “Lucy and Violet

  1. UGH, chilling and gruesome and well done.

  2. wow, that really made my blood run cold. It amazes me that you can say so much with so little. This is the begining or end of something very good.

    You always, WOW me!


  3. Super cool writing assignment… great job!

  4. aaaaaaaaw yeah!! That’s how you do it, sister!

  5. I am seconding Kir’s comment up there. You’re always amazing, and this just proves it again!

  6. I should have waited until Friday to come visit, but since I’m here I have only one word: NICE!

  7. Damn you, woman, you are GOOD!

  8. Oh the places this wants to take me…

  9. that curls your toes! and proves once again what a remarkable wordsmith you truly are.

  10. You are just utterly amazing.

  11. Good God. That just kicks ass.

  12. Wow. Just, wow.

  13. shiver running down my spine, wanting more, but at the same time? not!


  14. So very awesome.

    I’m imagining a thousand back stories and yet.
    Nothing else is necessary.

    You told what should be told.

  15. You knock my socks off.

    That is all

  16. This gave me goosebumps! Haunting, and very profound. You’ve shown how powerful a few words could be.

  17. I am currently in the act of watching “Bones” from the beginning on Netflix, so this was particularly thrilling for me… Loved it.

  18. i have goosebumps. in 140 characters, thats something impressive to bring out in someone. wow!! great job!

  19. Chilling! I love this!

  20. I have chills. And tears in my eyes.

    My heart immediately goes to mother/missing child, and I want to curl in a ball at the thought of it.

    Brilliant job, as always 🙂

  21. Woah, this is unsettling. Good use of so few words.

  22. Disturbing, but very well done.

  23. makes me think of an opening scene to that tv show Bones 🙂

  24. Oh no! 😦 Wow, Tragedy and suspense and horror in 140 characters. Very well done 🙂

  25. Wow…this was amazing. I love dark tales, and this was so well done. One of my favorites of the day for sure. I feel like this image will stick with me for a long, long time.

  26. This is Tragic and Dark. A Tim-Burton style of story. Very relevant because it is his birthday today! Job well done.

  27. chilly effect success… So scary to think about these things, but we all know it happens. I’m still flabbergasted about the guy in Brooklyn. Thanks for writing!

  28. Wow. Chilling. Scary. So descriptive. Made me catch my breath.

    Nicely done.

  29. So much pain and mystery in so few words. I want to know the rest of the story for sure…

  30. More, I want more! When can we get it?

  31. Wow so much in so little words! Just whoa..

  32. Woooooooooooow…… Jaw dropping.

  33. Wow. So chilling and heartbreaking. To be able to evoke so many emotions in so few words, that is talent.

  34. Where the hell is your agent/publicist/book deal? Seriously.

  35. Officially. Creeped. Out.

  36. I wish I could think of a better comment than holy crap, but holy crap it is! What a great little creepy story.

  37. What a start to a great mystery, horror novel. Something you do so well.

  38. Another thriller in the making. You rock.

  39. Whoa. Creepy and vivid and intriguing all at once. I loved being repulsed and curious at the same time!!

  40. Chilling and at the same time asking so many questions, like a great story should.

  41. AAAHHH!! Gave me the creeps! Good job!

  42. So amazing. Your words are gripping. Imagery such as this in 140 characters is amazing.

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