Six Word Sunday: 8/21/11

Get the Oshawott Cake to Maine!


9 responses to “Six Word Sunday: 8/21/11

  1. Yay! Gav had a huge grin when I showed him this!

  2. That looks great. And delicious.

  3. What a great cake!

  4. Cake??? I love cake!!!! Have a safe trip and enjoy that Yummy cake my friend!!!!

  5. Looks great! Make mine? August 25th.

    Notice I used six words? Again.

  6. Nice cake! but what is an Osshawott?

    August 25th? Thats my birthday too!

  7. YUMMY!!!! But I too have no idea what an Osshawott is. Do tell?

  8. What a cute cake! I hope it had a safe trip!

  9. I’d like a corner piece, please.

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