face obscured

I fall to my knees

wanting nothing more than to press
my face to her cool, sepia skin and weep for shame


A friend pointed me in the direction of this photo on Flickr. This Fibonacci (which I expanded to a seventh, thirteen syllable line)–a form I was led to by Grace on her blog–is what happened. Marian also wrote a Fibonacci today. Hers is better.


8 responses to “Angel

  1. huh. well done! but no shame, please. xoxo

  2. Wow, CDG. Thank you for this introduction. I like and now I must must try.
    And that pic? GORGEOUS!

  3. You had me at Fibonacci.

  4. Very good. But I agree with Marian, no shame, please.

  5. Oh! Lovely words.

    And now I’m intrigued…

  6. So much beauty – your words and the picture.

  7. that was just lovely, you said so much with so little.

    Sometimes this is how I feel about religion, it was very moving.

  8. Who said one picture is worth a thousand words?

    I disagree.

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