Townshend Dam

Just after Will surprised Sam. For the full story, read here.

“Take your sandals off, silly,” Sam teased. “Stay awhile.”

She sat down next to him on a plaid wool blanket.

Will looked at the hiking sandals on his feet. Sam, already barefoot, was pulling her hair back and calling to Marnie and the shaggy haired guy chasing her out of the reservoir.

“William Evan Dryer!” Marnie yelled, squeezing the water from her hair as she jogged towards the blanket.

Shaggy crept up behind and scooped her up at the knees, growling dramatically as he flipped and fireman-carried her up the sandy shore of the lake.

He set a breathless, giggling Marnie down at the edge of the blanket.

Will stood.


Marnie grabbed him in a bear hug.

“I have missed you!” she laughed.

“It’s been too long. Way too long,” he replied.

Marnie turned to her companion.

“This caveman is my roommate and mostly-companion, Micah Reynolds. Micah, this is Will Dryer. I used to run around his backyard naked when we were kids.”

“Where didn’t you run around naked?” Micah quipped.

As they shook hands, Micah’s eyes went wide.

“Will Dryer. You played hockey for Dartmouth,” he said.

“Guilty,” Will answered. “How did you know that?”

“I wrote for the Middlebury Campus. Covered four hockey seasons. I saw you play.”

“You remember the name of college hockey player you’ve never met?” Marnie asked. “You can’t remember where you left your glasses half the time.”

Sam snickered, and reached into her beach bag. She held a black leather case up to Micah.

“Actually, you left them in my living room last night,”

Micah took the case. Marnie looked pleased with herself.

“See?” she said, giving Will the side-eye. “So, to what do we owe the honor? I heard we might not see you back East this summer.”

Will looked nervously between Sam and Marnie.

“Don’t be scared, tough guy,” Marnie giggled. “I’m too glad to see you to be mad at you.”

She dropped down next to Sam on the blanket. “For now.”

Micah sat in the sand.

“You still play?” he asked Will.

“I coach a youth team back in Montana,” Will replied.

“I never did get to see them play,” Sam said quietly.

“Next time,” Will answered, threading his fingers through hers where her hand lay on the blanket.

She looked across their hands at him, a question and its answer in her eyes.

“Next time.”

11 responses to “Townshend Dam

  1. yay! But I need more. Always more. Please?

  2. I like how intimate you make the dialogue. It’s really easy to read. “Threading his fingers through hers” is really good.

  3. Thank you.

  4. I really, really am liking Sam – may even be developing a little bit of a crush on her.

  5. Happy sighs. I’m so glad she’s getting to the point where she can move forward!

  6. Ooh, there’s a next time. And I love Marnie for getting right to the point.

  7. Sigh, I really like this story. The questions, the reluctance, the hand holding. I am enjoying getting to know all these new people, more stories to tell.

    When Sam feel safe in Will’s arms, I want that for her.

  8. i like the midd kid shout out! keep up the good work. 🙂

  9. Oh Sam. So much to work out. So much. But it’s a start.


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