I’ll Be Along to Collect my Mother-of-the-Year Medal Shortly

Rocking the Monogrammed Apron

Lightning McQueen pancake in the pan

Mater Pancake post-flip

17 responses to “I’ll Be Along to Collect my Mother-of-the-Year Medal Shortly

  1. where’s the Doc Hudson omelet?

  2. Ahhh it’s perfect…his smile says it all! LOVE that apron…handsome little helper !!!!

  3. LOVED them helping in the kitchen.

    And it paid off: my 14 and 16 yr olds make dinner once a week each.

    True story.


  4. He is TOO cute.
    Maddy has an apron…that we both remember right AFTER she spills something down the front of her.
    BTW LOVE those big windows in your kitchen. JEALOUS!

  5. This it a big smile on my face. 🙂

  6. Mother of the Year, indeed.

    That smile, those jammies, the pancake…
    …supremely delicious, all.

    And it’s not JUST a monogrammed Cars apron.

    It’s Cars 2.

    oh yeah.

  7. Ok, I’m truly impressed with myself when pancakes that I make aren’t black on one side & raw on the other . . . this is really, really damn cool.

  8. Awesome pancake shape things (I can’t for the life of me remember the words for them)! I so cannot wait for my son to be able to get into the kitchen and make his own breakfast!

  9. As self-proclaimed black-belt pancake artist (my work has been featured at every Saturday morning at the Morgan breakfast table), you aren’t ready to play in the big leagues yet. Put those molds away before you discredit the art form, as that McQueen needs MACCO. The next time you’re over, I’ll school you in the fine art of pancake media. Move over 3-circled Mickey Mouse heads, we are up to spider webs, unicorns and winking faces.

    I will,repectfully, defer to your expertise in all things sticky bun.

  10. Wait – where did you get those pancake thingys? X would flip! Loves The Cars.

  11. Now those are some awesome pancakes. I’ll take mine with chocolate chips please.

  12. Yep, you win it for sure. I cannot get past the Mickey Mouse pancake and his ears are always messed up.

  13. groovy!

    homemade pancakes are the one thing that I make that no one, family or friend, has ever turned down. they are the universal greatest mom-made food.

  14. oooo! fun! E helped me make cookies last week and supervised my making of ribs for dinner last night.

  15. How absolutely adorable! Love the apron, love the pancake molds (cookie cutters?)… this gives me ideas. That I am probably too lazy in the mornings to act upon, but ideas nonetheless. 😉

  16. Bragger.

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