Cinnamon Toast and Tongue Kisses

Two recent conversations with the Small Boy:

Not too long ago we were getting ready for breakfast, still in our jammies.

“What would you like for breakfast, lovey?”
“Cim-nim Rolls.”

Here, he means Pillsbury, from the can, not to be confused with my Sticky Buns, which are a work of culinary art and a one way ticket to clogged arterial bliss.

“We don’t have Cinnamon Rolls, baby. But I could make you cinnamon toast.”

At which point he looked at me as if I had perhaps suggested he stand on his head. So, I explained cinnamon toast.

“I would like that,” he says.
“If you don’t like it, I’ll eat it,” I offer.
“You can make your own,” he replies.

Oh, can I?

Another night we were out for Japanese, followed by a stop at Ben & Jerry’s on the way home (sushi followed by ice cream has long been a part of the language of our little family). In line at the scoop shop, I’m holding Felix up to see the flavors, and he looks at me, sticks his tongue out as far as it will go, wiggles it, and says, full voice, “Let’s do tongue kisses!”

I was laughing too hard to finish the ice cream order.

We’ve been doing nose, or Eskimo, kisses lately, and I guess in the average three-year old brain, it’s not that far of a leap from lips and noses to tongues, but good grief! Why does he always say stuff like this when we’re out in public?


24 responses to “Cinnamon Toast and Tongue Kisses

  1. How cute slash EMBARRASSING! So funny.

  2. Oh, my children are my fave people on the planet, too. xo

  3. 🙂

    Do you do butterfly kisses with your lashes on his cheek? Or elephant kisses – a big damp vibration blowing with your lips pursed and making a rude noise against his neck?

    • We do fish kisses, “noms” or “Muppet kisses,” “zerbits” (your elephant kiss)… we’re very versatile. I probably should have seen this coming.

  4. all well and good, but i need to know what felix eats at the japanese restaurant.

  5. Haha! This is too cute. I am fairly certain these little dudes save up all their crazy talk for public outings 🙂

  6. LOL! Love it! We have a tough time with physical appropriateness as well. Our 3YO is a nudist at heart, God love her. She doesn’t understand what the big deal is, and Daddy freaks out if she doesn’t have underwear on.

  7. LOVE this.

    We’ve been eating a lot of sushi lately. Not my fave, but Joseph loves it and Elizabeth loves to eat any place where she can sit at the counter and be appreciated. (Rolling my eyes.) We’ll have to try to follow up with some ice cream. 🙂

  8. Tongue kisses. That is too funny!

    I would like some cinnamon toast, please. And some sticky buns.

  9. What is it about sushi that calls for an ice-cream follow-up? Because it does.

    When I was a little kid, I apparently was fascinated by my baby sitter who was a very good whistler. At one point, I demanded to put my mouth over hers, to see if I could figure out how she was moving her lips. I may have stuck my tongue in her mouth, trying to find out how she was positioning her mouth.

    This may help to explain me…just a little bit.

  10. I wouldn’t mind tongue kissing some cinnamon rolls.

    (I would have said “your sticky buns,” but I didn’t want to give John the wrong idea 😉

    Sweet stories. In every way…

  11. *snicker* Mine always announce their *ahem* bodily functions when we’re surrounded by people. Which is kind of ok, because at least then no one thinks that I was the one passing gas.

  12. ALL my babies say “Cim-nim” too. Well, except for Lily since she hasn’t decided to grace us with her words yet.

    Oh, that small boy. I do love him. He’s the poop in the poop sandwich. For real.

    PS- I love you, too!

  13. So funny, my son is always the one to say the embarrassing things in public. The other day he heard a heartbeat sound and yelled “that’s the sound your boob makes Mom!”

  14. Make your own damn cinnamon toast!
    The tongue kissing is hilarious. My son went through a loooooong phase of giving a kiss only to open his mouth when he reached us at last second. Watching my husband’s shock and horror at pretty much getting tongue-kissed by our baby boy was always great entertainment.

  15. that’s awesome. my 4 year old now asks me to kiss like big people do, open mouthed… lol, it’s quite amusing and slightly disturbing! thank god there’s no tongue.

  16. hahaha that is adorable! I love cinnamon tost, but am alergic to sushi.
    Hee hee “you can make your own?” =D

  17. So so funny!! Oh the stuff that comes out of the mouth of our babes. Hilarious!

  18. Kids are so funny! Stopping by from TRDC.

  19. I love what comes out of their mouths. My son is almost 3 and it is so funny to just sit and listen!

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