Ten Days, Nine Photos

And, now! Some vacation photos:

On our way into the Magic Kingdom

Felix meets Piglet at the Crystal Palace

Felix and I on the Magic Kingdom train-a self portrait

Felix's new Ears.

The view to Epcot from our balcony.

Felix and Mark in the pool

Family photo with Marlin and Nemo

Felix meets Mater at Hollywood Studios

Topiary Lightning McQueen and Mater


21 responses to “Ten Days, Nine Photos

  1. Fun! I liked Mater hanging out in the middle of the street.

  2. I want to go too! Take me back in time with you!

  3. so awesome!! where did u stay?

  4. Don’t be alarmed, but I think you may have had some fish following you….

    (looks like a wonderful time. with or without Nemo. 😉

  5. Love the smiles, and it looks like the weather cooperated, so yay!

  6. you had a great time…I can tell just by the pictures!
    Your little boy is absolutely Adorable, that pic of him in the Mickey ears is precious.

    So glad you had a fantastic vacation. You deserved it!

  7. Looks like such fun! I’m going to DisneyWorld (sans kids LOL) next year.

  8. Just 9 pictures? Come on.

    Love the sunshine and smiles. As it pours rain up in here.

  9. Oh! It looks like you had so much fun. Even with Piglet tried to eat your child. 🙂

  10. Disney is so much fun! I love the hat with the ears…..Ear Hats are a Disney must!

  11. Such cute pics. Nice to see the whole family.

  12. What fun!
    Great photos, my friend.
    And how sweet is Piglet!? Swoon.

  13. Looks like so much fun! The pictures are magical!

  14. Okay Piglet scared the crap out of me, good thing your kid is braver than I am!

  15. Great pictures! In the fall, my daughter will be attending UCF in Orlando. Maybe we’ll have to take a day trip when we go for a visit.


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