Sweet Connections

Participating in The Red Dress Club has brought me a lot of joy in the last six months. I’ve met some wonderful bloggers and made some very real friends. I’ve been challenged as a writer, and I feel like I’ve gained a lot of confidence.

(I’m hoping this confidence translates into finishing and shopping the novel-in-progress.)

Imagine my surprise and delight yesterday when I discovered that the witty and honest Kristy (whom I discovered through TRDC, as she did me) at Pampers and Pinot had included me when she passed on her Irresistibly Sweet award.

Based on Kristy’s response, I’m supposed to tell you about five things I love and then pass the love along.

  • I love that story hour has started back up, and that we have an activity for Monday morning again!
  • I love that my Dad’s stent placement surgery went better than expected.
  • I love that I have a vacation to look forward to, even if my thighs are nowhere near read for public consumption.
  • I love my little family!
  • I love my great, big, crazypants family!

Now, to pass along the love to three new blogs I’ve recently begun reading:

Valerie’s honest, heartfelt, and often cheeky For the Love of Pete
Renee’s newly revealed blog, Elsetime & Otherwhen
Jessica’s beautiful site, Four Plus an Angel


5 responses to “Sweet Connections

  1. I would have been all indignant if you HADN’T won.

    What with your gigantorboobs and sending my to amazing chocolate mice.

    SO want those now!!

  2. You ARE irresistibly sweet! I want to dip my fingers in your sweet as pie writing and lick them clean! Don’t mind a little whipped cream on top either!

  3. Thank you so much for this. I have tears in my whipped cream now, but I don’t mind at all:)

  4. You ARE so sweet and a very talented writer.
    Thank you also for thinking of me.

  5. Awww very sweet! Congrats on the award.

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