Two Little Poems


my heart’s home
smells like snow in the air
and manure in the spring
a month of mud at the equinoxes

To the Music Snobs

poo to that
I am a magpie
I like every shiny song I’ve ever heard
and the ones I don’t?
I just ignore

28 responses to “Two Little Poems

  1. Just like life, when you don’t like the song being sung? Pick a new one. Adorable.

  2. “poo to that
    I am a magpie”
    Quite possibly the two cutest lines ever uttered on gchat…
    not quite possibly. definitely.

  3. poetry with the word poo in it. gotta love that.

  4. I think lots of people are music snobs, but each in their own way. But they all look down their noses at anyone who’s musical tastes are different from their own.

    My take is, as long as you’re digging the sound and you feel it, it’s just fine.

  5. You may have to take one of these issues up with Polly…

  6. John Denver was a wonderfully-skilled word-smith. His musical style might not suit everybody (who’s does?), but just read his words and see.
    “Annie’s Song” immediately springs to mind:

    You fill up my senses
    Like a night in a forest
    Like a mountain in springtime
    Like a walk in the rain
    Like a storm in the desert
    Like a sleepy blue ocean
    You fill up my senses
    Come fill me again

    Come let me love you
    Let me give my life to you
    Let me drown in your laughter
    Let me die in your arms
    Let lay down beside you
    Let me always be with you
    Come let me love you
    Come love me again

  7. I have no guts at all, but as a music snob of the purest kind, I am anxious to spectate.

    Sometimes, I do wish I could be a magpie.

    • Now I’m maybe a little insulted.

      I consider being a magpie a gift. I have a library full of treasures–shiny wonderful things I can pick out and listen to to suit any mood I might have, any circumstance I find myself in.

      Also? I think I have pretty excellent taste, but I’m not above grooving to a goofy old song, or crooning to a beautiful voice, even if it comes via an easy listening genre label.

      I challenge you.

      Define your “snobbery.” Only classical? No “crap?” Nothing after John Lennon died? The Beatles were wankers? Johnny Cash was a god? Johnny Cash was too into god at the end? Rock and roll is dead? Anything after Gregorian chant blows? Emo is for tweens?


      Me? I love playful music. I love poignant lyrics and sassy lyrics and smart lyrics. I love complex harmonies. I love simple rock songs. I love swing and classical music. I even like the occasional country song or hip hop track.

      And now I have to get off my soapbox and go to work.

  8. Oh, no insult intended at all – I think I meant to say that I wish that I were more open-minded with music. I was a music composition major and my mom was a concert pianist, so I am familiar with music snobbery. I couldn’t have a pop album until I paid for it with my own money – It was BTO’s Taking Care of Business.

    I love all kinds of music, but I mostly enjoy hard or serious classical from any era or hard rock from any era, some jazz, very little country, and lots of modern classical. I am a complete snob when it comes to formulaic pop music – I hate it. I listen to music for the music first and then if the lyrics happen to be good, great! I think most people listen in the opposite manner.

    I get myself into trouble with the anti-pop stance because I am usually missing the love of lyrics that so many love about formulaic pop because I am listening for art from the music. I define art with music as something I can listen to over and over and each time I get something different from it.

    I am sorry if I was snobby or insulting! 😦 🙂

    Now back to my Nine Inch Nails and maybe a little Mozart afterwords!

  9. Wasn’t this post originally about two little poems or something?

  10. Ooooh! Shiny music! That kind is my favorite!

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