The Small Boy’s Gingerbread Cottage

Mise en place

Assembly complete, decoration begins.

Deep in concentration, he begins hour two.

Two hours in, he feels his work is done.

The finished Cottage. Number of candies placed by Mama: Two.

23 responses to “The Small Boy’s Gingerbread Cottage

  1. It’s gorgeous!
    What a good job. How many fingernails did you chew trying not to help?

  2. Love love love.

    Kallan just helped her 3 year old cousin make one here.

    No help from me. At all.

    First they made the frosting too hard. Then it was too soft.

    And they ate a lot of candy.

    But they did it all by themselves.

    It’s awesome.

    • You know what’s funny? He didn’t eat one piece of candy, and I never told him not to.

      It was FOR THE ART.

      He’s very serious about his art.

  3. He is just perfect. I love him.

    The gingerbread house is pretty great, too!

  4. That is completely awesome. I doubt my 8 year-old boys could accomplish such a feat. And a whole two hours, that is some power of concentration for 2. But most of all? I love the look of satisfaction on his face.

    • He still keeps stopping at the kitchen island, where it’s prominently displayed, and saying. “I like my gingerbread house,” before wandering off again.

      Personal satisfaction should always be so easily obtained.

  5. that is one handsome little man you have.
    and he can build houses?
    he is a catch already…
    does he look bigger today?

  6. Okay, okay, we’ll get a damn kit. This is too cute and I think my little artist would love it. And the husband would enjoy any leftover,um, materials.
    I think I would have to keep the fact that the art supplies were actually edible until after the project was done.

    But your guy, WOW, that’s some serious concentration. And very cute! You don’t have a wife picked out for him, do you? What do you think about younger women?

    • So far, I’m still entertaining offers for matrimony. How much younger are we talking here?

      He’s way intense about his art. Creativity is SERIOUS.

  7. We had the same kit. After providing limited assistance in the initial construction, I left both the icing and the candy to Gav and he got frustrated pretty quickly. Your small boy’s masterpiece would make his 7 year old cousin quite jealous I have to say…

    • ohhh, poor G. the icing is tricky, even with the kit. i did the icing work. to Felix’s credit, he did every piece of candy save two.


      and slowly.

  8. Nicely done. I can tell he takes risks in his artwork.

  9. Do not listen to that mad blogging woman!
    The boy is spoken for! He and Katie are destined to be together!

    Truly, he did such an amazing job. Have you talked to him about the reality of what happens to his masterpiece after Christmas? I haven’t been brave enough to mention anything to Katie. I welcome your wisdom!

    A part of me keeps expecting an update from you, announcing that his cottage collapsed under its own weight. πŸ˜‰

    • I think we will tell him that, like his singing Christmas cottage and our recording of Liam Neeson reading The Polar Express, the gingerbread house is special for Christmastime and that we will build a new one next year.

      And in the dark of night, it will vanish.

  10. The beauty of his work… just brings tears to my eyes.

    Little boys do that to me.

  11. waaaaaah, is that edible?
    i think i want to have that for christmas instead of christmas cake.

    i wonder if i can find one in my country…
    it makes me feel young again seeing the boy’s pics

  12. but that just look so yummy… haha thanks. πŸ™‚

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