Boys Show Their Love In Odd Ways

I heard Felix through the monitor yesterday, yawning and stretching after his nap, so I walked upstairs and went into his room to find him peeping out from under his covers, grinning sleepily.

I sat down next to him, slid my hands under the blankets to hug him.

“Your bed is so warm. Can I come in?” I asked him.

“Yup,” he replied, still smiling.

I laid my head on his chest. He adjusted its placement.

“You’re too big to fit in here,” he commented, but he wrapped his arms around my head and squeezed.

He let go, and asked, “Can we do nose kisses?”

I touched our noses together, he turned his head, rubbed the tips of our noses just so. He laughed.

“You do it!”

I touched our noses together again, then rubbed the tip of my nose over his.

He touched the underside of his nose with his finger.

“I have crusties on there.”

“You do,” I said. “Yuck.”

“I’m going to pick them.”

“Please don’t!” I begged, laughing. He did it anyway.

“I just picked one, and I’m going to put it on your face!”

And he did it anyway.

18 responses to “Boys Show Their Love In Odd Ways

  1. Most of your posts are not appropriate for reading to G over breakfast, but this one was! Boogers! My seven year old is so proud!

  2. smart, adorable, and disgusting, all wrapped up together.
    ah, kids!

  3. Love it! Kids can take a blissful momement and make it… well a moment with kids. My son’s current favorite trick is to come in for a hug, then wipe his nose on my shirt!

  4. thats super cute! My little man will ask for “buffwhy kisses” lol!

  5. We called them Eskimo kisses.
    I do prefer mine dry though 😉

  6. How is it possible that something can be so sweet and so icky all at the same time?

    Be sure to ask Kris about the booger collection at her house.

    • I know, right?

      It was so adorable. And so very gross.

      And now I’m totally intrigued by Kris’ booger collection… did I miss something in her archives?

  7. Shh…

    … I have caught Sophie eating her boogers.


  8. Equal parts adorable and disgusting? Yup, must be a boy!

  9. Does this mean when my husband farts on me in bed its just his way of showing affection?
    The more I read about cute and adorable little boys the more the idea of having one becomes more palatable.

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