Orion Rising

Orion rising
over adjacent rooftops.
Twenty six degrees

and falling. Festive
front porch twinkling; enchanted
is my homecoming.

header 150x150Mama's Losin' ItIn response to Mama Kat’s prompt: Enchanted, and the lovely Nerd Mafia’s Word of the Week.


22 responses to “Orion Rising

  1. That sounds like a magical place to live. A wonderful home.

  2. In eighteen words, you transported me back to when I lived back home in Maine, when the bitter cold stood in sharp contrast to the warmth on the other side of the door.
    Just lovely.
    Thank you.

  3. Just found you via your tweet…am following you on Twitter and have put you on my ‘favourites’ page.
    What a great post. Very eloquent and enjoyable. I look forward to reading your other posts.
    Do feel free to visit and hopefully follow me at
    Warmest regards

  4. Best thing in the night sky. Full stop.

  5. love it! just love the simplistic beauty

  6. haiku
    how pretty you make em…

  7. You have painted me a picture.

    A lovely warm picture.

    Thank you.

    Love you.

    • It pleases me to no end that I can use the words “twenty six degrees and falling” and paint a lovely, warm picture for you.

      You’re quite welcome!

  8. dude, all your readers should know that i was welcomed
    the eve of this haiku
    on your twinkling front porch
    which by the way also sports an enormous lit santa claus
    under orion and the slivery moon
    by you in your red bathrobe.
    jealous, people??? ha ha!

  9. So you know, I keep reading this as “Onion Rising.”
    Maybe it’s time for new glasses.

    Although “Onion Rising” is a pretty funny title.


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