Love and a Favor

I love you all. You know that?

I love that people come here and read. And comment. Oh, comments are like cookies!

I love cookies.

I write for myself, of course. But also a little for you. And you’ve all made me a little better.

I am going to ask you something.

A favor.

My real life is shifting a little starting tomorrow, and I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to impact my blogging. For sure, while I adjust to things, the posts will slow down.

Stick around.

I’m going to try to make it worth it.

Thanks, y’all.

17 responses to “Love and a Favor

  1. you’d be hard pressed to make me leave. so there!

  2. I vote for more Thornton if there is limited writing to be had, but I’ll be here in any case. You can count on that.

  3. I will never leave you. Ever.

  4. Look forward to whatever you are up to. Love a surprise – and be brave with your transformation. If it’s growth, it will happen beautifully.

    Less can be more – in lots of aspects of life.

  5. like roxane said: i will never leave you. ever.

  6. i promise to continue clicking through from my reader. also good luck with more hours and no helicoptering (how ever will you manage!)

  7. I’m not going anywhere.

    Damn bear trap’s got me by the leg, and I’m not about to chew it off.

  8. Me?

    I will be here.

    I love change.

    No, actually I hate change.

    But I will still be here.

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