Haiku on a Nanny’s Mediocrity, or Last Friday

hit the snooze three times;
wore the first three things that fit.
phoned it in at work.

go play by yourself…
even my feeble protests?
quite mediocre.

sandwich and carrots;
your milk in yesterday’s cup.
sure, have a cupcake.

nap time. three stories.
yes, we can skip the potty.
are you asleep yet?

this hot, crabby day
passed most mediocrely.
can I go home now?

alone in the car,
now dwelling on a thousand

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16 responses to “Haiku on a Nanny’s Mediocrity, or Last Friday

  1. you are always so quick with your WOWs! You are a WOW machine!

    And quite a poetic one at that.

  2. You all are inspiring and junk.

    Come have a drink with me.

  3. Love the haiku! I agree with Liz…you always have your WOW posts out so fast. It impresses me.

    • It seems to me they’re either super quick to come to me, or I struggle and don’t end up posting one at all.

      Thanks for reading it. Makes me think I’ll try again some day!

  4. Wow. Haiku. Wasn’t even sure how to spell that, such is my mediocrity.

    Awesome post!

  5. Haikus and I have a secret love affair.

    So this is lovely.

    • I love them, too, and there has been a flurry of them in my blogosphere. I like to toss my hat in the poetry ring now and again, I just can’t take myself too seriously.

  6. I am pretty much obsessed with Haikus, so this is pretty much the perfect post. Good WOW usage! If you’re not a Made Man, you should be!

  7. Laughed out loud at this
    I did, hysterically
    A cupcake? Why not.

  8. awwww last stanza
    big sighs.

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